Laura Dykes

Nicole Orr

Edith Gilliard Canty

Roger Wood

Elizabeth Weber

Donnell Nance

Paulette Carroll

Bill Marker

Jack Sullivan

Crystal Parker


Project Updates


  • Plant Replacement: getting the information together for the plants
  • Comfort Station: things are going ok, currently waiting for the finalized donation agreement from the City
  • Neighborhood Grants: due June 1st, if you aren’t submitting a grant please consider being on the grant review committee. Ms Edith volunteered
  • What are creative, low cost ways to prompt community cleans ups? Donnell will send out an email in the week or two to get the ball rolling on brainstorming. Roger suggested
  • Laura Dykes, Jack Sullivan and other community members attended the UMB Baltimore St/MLK streetscaping/traffic calming charrette. No conclusions were reached, but there was a discussed about reducing the number of cars in the ‘stacking lane’ southbound on MLK as you approach Lombard St. (Narrowing the width of MLK by reducing the number of lanes). There are speed cameras, and 35 mile hour speed limit already. Best thing was Jack’s follow-up with Jane Shaab at the UM BioPark about the building on the north side of W Baltimore St at MLK and Fremont. They will be breaking ground in the near future–will be building an eight story building and a small parking garage. There was no discussion at the charrette about the new building and the increased number of cars going to the BioPark. Jack asked about the environmental impact statement–haven’t seen it. Ms Paulette–traffic is the worst its ever been. There is also concern over the impact of the new Catholic School in Poppleton. Committee discussed MLK in general and the possibilities of redoing the street 
  • Bill: proposal for elevated plaza–estimated cost was $25-$75million according to UMB engineering–costs more than UMB had budgeted for the project. Was at a conference and Philly 


Our Baltimore Plan

Committee provided feedback on the Our Baltimore Plan–the City’s Comprehensive Plan for the next 10 years

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