1504 1506 W Baltimore

An Opportunity to Revitalize West Baltimore's Commercial Corridor.

We're seeking innovative proposals to purchase and renovate select Properties, fostering community revitalization.

Qualified entities are invited to submit comprehensive proposals outlining rehabilitation plans and compelling end-use strategies. Collaborate with a partner or let us assist in matchmaking. Please reach out to our Commercial Development Manager, Adrian Muldrow  adrian@swpbal.org,  to express interest.

We're seeking individuals or teams with expertise to execute proposed concepts. If accepted, SWP will partner to raise funds for implementation.

Properties are priced at $140,000, with $112,000 in reimbursable grant funds available for stabilization and renovation. Both properties are zoned C-2, encouraging pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use development.

Join us in shaping the future of West Baltimore. Submit your proposal and be part of positive community change.

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