Down Payment Assistance Program

The Southwest Partnership’s Down Payment Assistance Program provides a grant of up to  $20,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance to eligible homebuyers purchasing a home in any of our 7 neighborhoods. 


  • You must purchase in one of the seven neighborhoods in Southwest Partnership.
  • Household income cannot exceed 100% AMI. (see chart below)
  • You must earn a homeownership counseling certificate.
  • You must live in this home as your primary residence.
  • You must apply and be approved prior to closing on your home. Program funds are not retroactive.
  • Fixed-rate mortgages only. Co-signers, cash sales, and owner-financing are not permitted.

For More Financial Incentives, that are "stackable" with our DPA Grant visit Live Baltimore! 


Meghan Cardoso

AMI Income Limits FY 2024

income limits


Homeownership Counseling & Resources

If you are a renter interested in learning more about homeownership please check out these resources:

  • Referral Program: SWP has a referral program with Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS), who can help you prepare for homeownership and then refer you back to SWP for homeownership opportunities. NHS provides financial and housing counseling that starts wherever you are and help you plan your journey to homeownership. Contact NHS at 410-327-1200 Extension 141 or, and mention that you were referred by "Southwest Partnership."
  • Housing Resource Guide

Our Homeownership Zone Strategy

Over four years ago, SWP went block by block in areas of high vacancy throughout the seven neighborhoods with neighborhood leaders to figure out which blocks were close to areas of “strength” that would lend themselves to rebuilding the private real estate market. From this engagement, SWP developed three homeownership zones in Pigtown (adjacent to Carroll Park), Mount Clare (adjacent to Union Square and Wilkens Ave), and Franklin Square (adjacent to Franklin Square Park and Route 40). 

Since then, SWP has worked with City Housing Department to acquire properties through receivership, tax sale, and direct acquisition, and obtain subsidies from State DHCD and the City of Baltimore to make affordable homeownership rehabilitation possible.

When clusters of properties become available for rehab, SWP will post the Request for Proposals (RFPs) on our Work With Us page.

How Can I Partner?

  • For SWP-Owned Properties: Whenever SWP acquires a cluster of properties in the homeownership zones identified above, we will list the Request for Proposals here on our Homes for Sale page.
  • To Place Properties into Receivership: The City of Baltimore has a limited capacity to take property owners to court through receivership. As a result, if there are vacant properties that you would like to put into Receivership that City relies on SWP to ensure 1) that properties requested to be put into receivership are part of a strategic, community development effort, and 2) that there are qualified developers ready to bid at auction for those properties. Please reach out to us at to begin the conversation.
  • If you need gap subsidy for housing rehab, SWP has limited funds each year to provide gap subsidy to help stabilize residential properties. We target these funds to projects that are for homeownership for families making below 80% of Area Median Income as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).
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