Is there a vacant building in one of the seven Southwest Partnership neighborhoods that needs to be secured? We can help!

  1. Make a 311 report to the City, identifying the address of the property and reporting the issue as ‘Housing Inspection – Vacant Residential Property’
  2. Note the SR (Service Request) number you receive after reporting the issue
  3.  Complete the form HERE (or above) to submit the SR number to the SWP. We’ll follow up with the City and include the property in the list of vacant buildings we’re flagging as in need of boarding.

Why do vacant buildings need to be reported?

Boarding vacant buildings ensures that they are secure, which means that they are less likely to be entered by animals or people (which can be dangerous given the condition of many vacant buildings) and less likely to be the sites of emergencies like fires. Properly boarding vacant buildings also slows down structural deterioration, preserving the building for renovation and occupancy in the future.

How do I submit a problem via 311?

311 can be used online at: or or by calling 311.

There is a 311 app available for IPhones and Androids. This app allows you to submit and check on the status of 311 requests on your phone and can be found (for IPhone) and (for Android).

For more information about using 311 check out our guide here: SWP Guide to using 311.

Why do I need to use 311?

The City identifies vacant buildings that need to be boarded through 311 reports. Once a 311 report is made an inspector will go out to look at the property and start the process of getting it boarded–either by the property owner or the City. Submitting the report means that the City is aware of the issue and provides us with a SR number to track the issue to make sure that it is resolved.

Vacant buildings are still private property boarding them as individuals or community groups is considered trespassing.

How can I follow up?

You can follow up directly with 311/the City here:

To follow up with the SWP, please give us a call at 667-210-2105 or email

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