Mo Syed

Nicole Orr

Patty Hogan

Howard Hughes

JR Lee

Elizabeth Weber

Scott Kashnow

Paulette Carroll

Project Updates

Gates are up around the Lord Baltimore. Currently making more gates, and there are gates scheduled to go up in the Franklin Square area (1200 Lexington). Getting all of the current gates painted, making sure they have signs and lock boxes.


What would be the Committee’s priorities for a second round of safety grants? 

Howard would like heavy duty landscaping equipment, and heavy duty materials for securing vacant properties–Noble Baier has offered her equipment for rental for the community

Mo asked about the role of the funding in supporting businesses and the boundaries of the SWP’s area of interest

Scott would like to explore using the nuisance abatement procedures for nuisance abatement

Committee discussed boarding vacant properties


Securing vacant properties, cleaning and greening, and traffic calming are a priority for the next round


Our Baltimore Plan

The Department of Planning is working on their comprehensive plan. This will cover land use, historic preservation, transit, and a healthy economy


Parks: better access to programmed and maintained green space

Increased activity and attraction around the Inner Harbor


Safety and taxation would make people stay/go.


Public Safety Roundtable

JR would like to remind people to mow grass and to be out positively on the street to deter crime


Sowebo Festival on Sunday


Need to replace the bus stops on Saratoga and Fremont

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