Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2020
Zoom meeting

  1. Attendees 

Kelleigh Eastman, JR Lee, Scott Kashnow, George Kleb 

Abigail Breiseth, Jane Buccheri, Chuck Callahan, Edith Gilliard-Canty, Sonia Eaddy, Gregg Herlong, Heather Kangas, Bill Marker, Nancy McCormick, Donnell Nance, Richard Parker, Dan Rodenburg, Jane Shaab, Ashley Valis, Kenneth Watson 

Michael Seipp, Khandra Sears 

  1. Welcome and Introductions 

Michael opened the zoom meeting and shared the agenda. Kelleigh welcomed everyone. Chris took attendance. 

III. Approval of the Minutes 

Motion to approve the minutes from April – Jane S – Dan R. second. All in favor. – the motion passes. 

  1. Community Mediation – Shantay Jackson 
  • Tony introduced Shantay Jackson – 
  • Shantay – Executive Director of Community Mediation Center. 
  • They have a center in the Waverly community 
  • Presented – Vision & Mission 
  • 7 Employees 
  • Volunteer mediators ->As young as 14 
  • How to get each of the participants what they need – win/ win  
  • Not a compromise 
  • 140 locations for mediations – private rooms 
  1. Libraries, rec centers, etc. 
  • They do trainings and workshops – it’s a revenue generator 
  • Conflict Management 
  • Inclusive listening 
  • Communication & Conflict 
  1. New Hire – Keith Robinson (W Balto St Manager) 
  • Michael – Kiamani – is training and working on developing an intense knowledge of West Baltimore Street. 
  • Kiamani – Hello looking forward to the opportunity. 
  1. Proposed Amount – W Baltimore Core Application 
  • Michael – one application for acquisition and stabilization of West Baltimore Street – subsequently Tonya Harris signed a contract to purchase 1420 West Baltimore Street. 
  • 20 market rate apartments on upper floors – Retail muse on first floor and vacant lot of Stricker street 
  • Scheduled to close in August – 
  • Asked to include her for stabilization funds. Boost application amount to $1.5M 
  • No action is required from us at the moment but we should be aware. 

VII.State Proposal Rankings 

  • Elizabeth summarized the BRNI and CORE application rankings: 

VIII. Annual Meeting Taskforce 

  • Jane Shaab – Sonia, Donnell, Ashley, JR , Kelleigh, Curtis 
  • Recommending – 2 events – 
  • one staged in late September at the Rec Center in Poppleton – brief recounting of SWP activities – exhibits and displays – light food 
  • Annual meeting in spring of 2021 – Ask the B&O to contribute a free event. More content very strong social aspect – 6-9 PM. Food is important – restaurant row – a tasting 
  • The committee has offered to serve as the events committee for these two events. 
  • JR – agreed 
  • Dottie – can they present Sarah Ann Street. – Michael Mellett knows a lot of that history. – bring a presentation for the board of the B&O. 
  1. Executive Director Report 
  • Michael – the committees are still meeting actively. 
  • SWP is moved into the former LittlePages store 
  • There is a section to host meetings 
  • 1515 West Baltimore Street – almost finished the masonry – new windows are ordered 
  • Lord Baltimore Theater – Visioning day – was very successful – Two Point Studio has begun putting together conceptual plans 
  • The popup concept on West Baltimore – has been placed on hold due to Covid – 19. 
  • Housing – 1500 block of Mt Clare have started 
  1. 300 South and North Gilmore are still waiting for title transfer. 
  • Alley Gating we are providing lock boxes on the installed gates 
  • Education – grocery support in Pigtown – supported by SBGP. 
  1. Community School Coordinators are reaching out to families to share resources.
  • Workforce Development – 
  1. Retention 2. Southwest works helping individuals get jobs 
  • Vibrant Streets 
  1. Closed the grant application yesterday 2. 2 murals going up 3. Clean block competition in fall 
  • Preservation 
  1. Malachi Mills house stabilized 2. Negotiating on neighbor house for visitor space 
  • Met with Exec Committee 
  1. Pandemic policy statement – 
  • Dotie: Any news on the old Y building – at Baltimore and Carey 
  1. Not much has happened in the past year but they have an active permit so until that expires not much to do.
  1. Community Announcements 
  • Bill: Some concern of encampment at MLK – is anything happening to address homelessness issue. Ask homeless services to be involved 
  • Ashley: Spoke to a number of people about this. The City is not going to move them until COVID is over. Eric Costello has been pressing on this issue – it’s three tents with multiple people in each tent. 
  • Chuck: This is probably going to have to wait until after COVID 
  • JR: it’s going to get very bad at that location. 
  • Heather: They discussed this a bit at the housing committee meeting on Thursday. – offered to bring this to the next housing meeting to discuss further. 
  • George: 
  • Urban Agriculture program has been distributing food to 75 families for a number of years. They just got a bump in funding and now have capacity to supply 150 families. They still have a couple slots left. People can get in contact with Shakira Franklin at or 443- 827-7781. 
  • Financial Help including navigation of stimulus checks/eviction prevention. Please call our main number (410-801-7101) and someone will get in contact within 48 hours. 
  • Ashley: The CEC is scheduled to be finished construction by the end of June. She gets the keys in July. – Due to COVID – planning to do a big opening in October. 
  • JR: The SOWEBO Festival is postponed. 
  • Abigail: will convene a group to address the needs of the community especially food – probably Friday. 
  1. Adjourn 

Motion to Adjourn by Dan – 2nd by Ashley


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