Attendees: Jane Buccheri, Bill Freeman, Frieda Ulman, Troy Wilson, Keith Robinson, Nikky Davis, Nicole Orr, Kenneth Watson, Toni James 


Approval of April Minutes – motion to approve Nicole, Jane

Subcommittee Updates

  • West Baltimore St
    • Bikkle is no longer interested in 1317 W Baltimore St
  • Facade  
    • Conditional award made, but waiting on acceptance           

Project Updates

  • 1317 W Baltimore St – Discussion of reuse
    • If anyone is interested in space just contact Kenneth/Tony
    • Space for the SWP popup?
    • R. House Developer? – Nicole Orr
    • Nikky – have you considered the idea of RFP?
  • 1500 W Baltimore St
    • 1515 should receive windows in 1-2 weeks. 
  • Lord Baltimore – working to schedule community meeting

Old Business

New Business

Adjournment – Troy made motion, Bill seconded

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