Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Partnership

January 26, 2021



7-7:10pm: Introductions

  1. Bill Freeman
  2. Jonathan Susman 
  3. Ashley Watson
  4. Jack Sullivan
    1. Audrey Erin Fann
    2. Jonathan Mallory
    3. Xiaojin Ren
    4. Kelsey Ann Moody
    5. Hannah Savio
    6. Amanda Talbot
  5. Jane Mayrer
  6. Lou Packett
  7. Scotti Hutton, Hollins House
  8. Bryn Martin
  9. Stephanie Geller 
  10. Lora Mayo – Senator Hayes
  11. Nadine Dloblo
  12. Phoenix Harlee
  13. Roger Wood
  14.  Nikky Davis
  15. Scott Kashnow 
  16. Kenneth Watson
  17. Bif Browning
  18. David McGill 
  19. Frieda Ulman
  20.  Jane Buccheri
  21. Laura Dykes
  22. Nicole Orr
  23. Patty Hogan
  24. Keith Robinson, SWP
  25. Tony Scott, SWP
  26. Curtis Eaddy II, SWP

7:10-7:15pm: Approval of November Minutes – Bill Freeman made motion to accept. 

7:15-7:30pm: Discussion & Vote on 1401-1403 W Baltimore St 

1) Intervention purchase of 1401-1403 W Baltimore St. These properties were slated to go to public auction December 16th, but Franklin Square, Union Square, and Commercial Committee leadership helped us make a last ditch effort to not only keep the property out of the hands of speculators, but to find a great developer/business to rehab and occupy the space. In support of this effort, last week SWP partnered with Women’s Home Preservation Fund to jointly purchase 1401-1403 W Baltimore Street. Due to the sensitive nature of the negotiations and the quick timeframe, we didn’t want to share this too widely before the purchase was made, but want everyone to know that Nadine, the developer, will be attending the next Commercial Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 26th to share her plans and answer any questions or concerns. I’ve attached her concept. Since this was an intervention into a Receivership case, the Courts will still be requiring recurring check-ins to monitor progress. 

  • Sale of Contract was with Southwest Partnership, but would go to closing with a joint LLC called 1401-1403 W Baltimore Street that Nadine would own 51% share of, and SWP 49%. Our share will be transferred upon successful completion of the project. 

2) Make a motion to recommend the Board approve SWP partnering with the Women’s Home Preservation Fund to jointly purchase and support the rehab of 1401-1403 W Baltimore Street. Look to build at least 4 rental units for single – Lou made a motion to support proposal, Scott seconded. Vote unanimously in favor. *NOTE: Board President later clarified that formal board approval not required. Approval for this project is accepted with Commercial Committee vote*

7:30-7:45pm: Presentation on The Maryland Exchange – Stephanie Geller

7:45-9:00pm: West Baltimore Street Charrette Recap & Shareback – Curtis Eaddy II, Marketing & Events Manager led a shareback and conversation on the Brand Charrette process for West Baltimore Street. 


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