Howard Hughes

Edith Gilliard Canty

Robert Meyer

Melanie Schrier

Laura Dykes

Sgt Rivera

Kathy Jackson

Police and Safety Updates

BPD Southern DIstrict recently had Barre Circle community walk, will hold a community walk once a month. Encampment at the corner of MLK was brought up as a concern, and will coordinate with the Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services. Discussed vehicle thefts in Pigtown as well as Southern District crime stats. Will be scheduling community safety walks, interested in holding a community bike ride. Suggested folks do home safety walks as well as community safety walks.


Committee discussed neighborhood post numbers and ways in which to connect to post officers.


Community members shared concerns about lack of policing in their community–Sgt Rivera discussed the strategies available to police currently. Suggested engaging business owners and community safety walks. 


Program Updates

Community Health and Safety Works application is open, due April 24th. As we discussed last meeting will be applying for lights and other defensible space activities. Will learn more information through information sessions–will keep the Committee posted if anything changed.


Elizabeth will follow up with the bike events–rodeo and ride to baseball game


Committee discussed ways to distribute cameras and license plate readers in neighborhoods where there’s a need and the ways in which neighborhood  associations can access the Community Health and Safety Works funds. Neighborhood associations can request resources for neighborhood specific needs.

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