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New Business

  • Poppleton Meeting Update
    • Conversation was supposed to be about the development, City did a charette on what type of housing the community wants to be developed on the lots, they mapped it out.
    • Questions about density came up no mention of the PUD (Determines height, size and density) community asked to revisit PUD Alice Kennedy said they could, no questions were allowed to be asked 
    • Poppleton put a letter together on the communities desires and asking what the 6th amendment to the LDA will be 
    • Sonia asks the HC to hold the city accountable to their promise to include the community in continued conversations, plans, and decisions. 
    • Paulette added that they, including Jeff La Noue, will be coming out again to the community 
  • Funding Update – Carrie 
  • Inclusionary Housing Bill Update
    • Hearing has been moved it is now Thursday Nov 17th @ 5pm, both in person and virtual
    • There have been changes to the bill
      • Bill being applied to “core markets” 
        • Proposed being defined as areas that have less than 4% vacancy rate. I.e white “L”
      • Counsel wants to make the threshold 80% there is pushback to keep it 60%
      • Counsel wants to get rid of advisory board – push to keep the board
        • Only one developer on board, two seats from City and three for residents (Tisha, to her best recollection)
    • Cecilia asked how we can best stay informed on the bill, Tisha – put testimony in writing and ask to stay informed, include contact information 

Old Business

Community Updates

  • Rebuilding Together
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Comp. Plan/SWP District Session / December Engagement
    • Had a session on Community Development last Saturday, good attendance
    • If you want to be informed on plan:
    • All day conference to provide input on December 3 from 9 – 2:30 @ Poly 
      • Register here:
  • Poe Homes – HABC
    • ReBuild/Poe Homes repairs11 have been completed, 3 are awaiting scheduling, 18 awaiting scheduling 
    • Brian Greenan is longer with HA, Arlisa Anderson has replaced him at Poe Homes
  • Diana Geis testified on a bill to help those whose homes have been damaged by sewage problems


  • Nominations: Tony & Scott nominated Cecilia
  • VoteL 
  • December Meeting 
    • We will meet in December to talk ideas about goals for 2023
  • Vice Chair – Cecilia would like to add a VC to the Committee to help with the workload and cover meetings when the Chair can not attend
    • VC would NOT be a representative to the board, only the Chair
    • Diana suggested Tony as VC, Laura seconded 
    • Tony would accept – 
    • Committee voted to have Tony as VC 

Diana motioned to adjourn the meeting, Scott seconded

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