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  • Review and approval of November Minutes
    • Diana makes a motion to approve, Laura seconds, motion passes

New Business

Current Projects

Community Updates

  • Rebuilding Together
    • Volunteer day with Lowes & Community Resource Event at least 200 people attended
    • Completed 46 projects in 2 years, 21 this year, 13 in process, 41 still on waitlist in 5 neighborhoods, HABC funded projects have 17 completed projects, 6 in process, 15 still interested 
    • Additional funding through WBRF, expanding boundaries 
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Comp. Plan/SWP District Session / December Engagement
  • Poe Homes – HABC
    • Introduced Arlisa Anderson, taking over for Poe Homes, may be temporary or permanent
    • Still waiting on permission from HUD to demo
    • Relocation will start 1st or 2nd quarter of 2023
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