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  • New chair

Who we are: “The Housing Committee works to reduce the number and effect of vacant homes in the Southwest Partnership area and attract new residents while ensuring that current residents can remain in the area in safe, quality, affordable housing.

  • Review and approval of August Minutes Nancy makes a motion to approve, Christian seconds, minutes approve

Guest Speakers: 

Inclusionary Housing Coalition:

  • Lorraine Arikat, Inclusionary Housing Policy –
    • In Maryland a developer can pay a fee to bypass any Inclusionary Housing requirements
      • Where did the fee go?
      • Supposed to go to funding for IH or Mayor’s General Fund
    • IH Policy lapsed June 30th, 2022, 70 days ago
    • In 15 years of the law, 37 affordable units were built
    • New bill removes loopholes and waivers
    • Requires 10% of units to people of 30-60% AMI
    • Requires affirmative marketing
    • Need 8 council members to vote, have 4, still waiting on Bullock, Costello & Porter
    • Objections
      • Waiting on report from enterprise on IH
    • City’s Report on Tax Credit Programs
  • Full Presentation
  • Discussion (before end of meeting)
    • Scott makes a motion to ask board to submit letter of support for Inclusionary Housing Bill, Laura seconded, 7 yays, motion passes
    • Carrie to request a meeting Councilmembers for the week after the board meeting 

SWP Housing Plan

  • Patrick Jordan, Heron Community Consulting, Inc – SWP Housing Plan

New Business

  • November Elections
  • Live Baltimore October Trolley Tour
    • Volunteers (at least 2) needed
    • October 1, 8:30 – 1:00 @ University of Maryland, Baltimore

Old Business

Community Updates

  • Rebuilding Together
    • Sept 24 RBT & Lowes will be hosting community resource fair
      • Modell Park
  • Habitat for Humanity

Motion to adjourn – David, Seconded, Leila

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