Patrice Bell

Officer Torres

Cpl J.R. Jones

Laura Dykes

David McGill

Kevin Gallher

Roger Wood

JR Lee

Brian Greenan

Howard Hughes

Patty Hogan

Bif Browning

Meghan Cardoso


Scott Kashnow

Thomas Hams

Robert Meyer

Committee approved last months minutes


Police Updates (Southern District)

21 homicide, 35 non fatal shootings (increases) also increases in rapes, burglaries. Larcenies, aggravated assault, car thefts have had decrease. (Increases and decreases are between May 2020 and May 2021) Police conducting car stops at night at key locations. Currently doing recidivist checks (checking up on folks recently released from jail). Currently a new bike unit–4 bike units will be throughout the district. 


Committee asked about police morale–been hard because there’s always continual issues–trying to do their best. 


Difficult to deal with the dirt bikes because of the need to follow with the helicopter dirt bike unti and the need to deal with other issues


Bike police’s priority will be areas with recent homicides or shooting, and then areas where there’s been an increase in community concerns–will cover the whole district.


During the pandemic there was a decrease in crime due to folks staying inside, but there may be an increase as activity increases. 


Committee reported an uptick at Schroeder and Lombard in terms of drug activity–haven’t seen an increase in police presence. Police will look into it. There is an officer available to monitor similar activities. 


What is the perspective of the Mayor’s Public Safety Plan? Looking forward to trying anything that will help with the safety of the community. 


American Rescue Plan Projects

There will be funding available for community based organizations with the American Rescue Plan funding coming to the City. Requirements for City projects are that they be at least $250,000 and either directly or indirectly address the impacts of the pandemic. 


Possible projects

  • Sculpture garden
  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Community wifi and chrome books
  • Community block captain training program
  • Enhance Carroll Park–have a bike station and other programming
  • Lord Baltimore Theater–scaping, cleaning, improvements to make people feel safe around the Theater


Howard suggested asking for each neighborhood’s priorities related to public safety. Email Elizabeth possible project ideas and Elizabeth and JR will review before the next meeting


Project Updates


  1. Alley Gates–no new projects have been added, hearing coming up on Tuesday June 29th for W Baltimore St, gates have been installed on Stockton St. Gate on the 300 block of Booth St is coming along. As we’ve applied for additional funding, if we receive it should plan to go into the neighborhoods for ideas about gate locations and to share information about the program. 
  2. Cameras–still waiting on the details of the wifi network for the cameras funded by the Abell Foundation.
  3. Bike Rodeo–JR, Meghan, Cpl J R and David, Scott would be interested in being on a subcommittee. Elizabeth will schedule a meeting.


Public Safety Roundtable

Saturday July 10th Meghan will host a bike ride–is there anyway can ask an officer to be present to be at park from 2pm-3pm. JR suggested calling Officer Torres (Officer Torres 443 681 0757) and the Park Police.


JR–check out Zella’s new sign


HABC–Brian Hance has been hired to be HABCs public safety coordinator. Transform Poe projects implementation moving forward. Have received HUD approval for a healthy food corner store pilot program. Not sure yet how to connect corner stores to the program–haven’t been selected yet.


Patrice-asked about the zoning of a 126 S Calhoun St. Scott suggested emailing Katie Byrne 


Scott–discussions with Bikemore and MDE and their alternative transportation group. Friends of Carroll Park is having regular clean ups in Carroll Park–Scott suggested organizing regular clean ups on W Baltimore St.


Bif is concerned about the safety of Carey St–there have been a number of shootings/a murder and there has been limited police activity. State’s Attorney Office has a standing offer to do a walk through. Could schedule a walk through with all the agencies at the same time. 


Concert in Union Square Sunday 4-7pm–Grammy nominated artist Sheikh Diamante 

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