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Community Schools Update

SWP schools are wrapping up their summer programs and planning for the back to school of transition. There are a number of upcoming back to school events, festivals through City Schools including one August 5th from 5:30-8;30pm. 


Vivien T Thomas Medical Arts Academy has opened their pool for the general public, working on raising funds to support it.


Steuart Hill is planning on opening their community space for programs and classes for the community including GED and ESL classes through Baltimore City Community College. Will be having a community day August 27th and Back to School Night September 15th


James McHenry Summer Barbeque and resource fair tomorrow. Going to have resources for families and the video game truck 4-6pm. Kaboom playground build Wednesday-Friday next week. Really looking for CPR and First Aid certified volunteers (have connected with UMB). Will also host a Baltimore City Schools school supply give away and also covid vaccinations. Also a number of back to school events. PTO is hosting a fundraiser in September. 


Southwest Baltimore Charter School–wrapping up summer programming. Planning a resource fair August 26th 4-6pm–looking for possible resources.


Mark will connect with Heidi and Shareen around the Chess Club


Fundraising Plan Review

Committee reviewed the draft fundraising plan that was developed based on feedback and input from the Committee at the last meeting.


Derrick asked how schools would know about the fund? We’d reach out to the CSCs to make sure they know about the fund.


The Committee approved the fundraising plan.


Next steps would be to operationalize the funds for the schools and develop marketing materials. 


Youth Internship Program Update

Don’t want to move forward with recruiting for the internship until we know that we can pay the students. Would like to have at least 3, max 6. Will continue to look for funding in order to support the program. Committee discussed tax implications for young people.

Scott suggested asking each member neighborhood organization to contribute towards the SWP and use that funding towards these initiatives. Also could be opportunities in the other Committees for small fundraising for committee projects.


Community Mental Health Needs

Abigail: there is a need for more, different, and/or better mental health resources for people of all ages in our community, but the SWP is not a mental health agency and doesn’t have the capacity to provide mental health services. This has not been a focus of the SWP since its founding because the majority of our anchor partners are hospitals, healthcare institutions, and have expertise in this area. Would like to put the question out there–what can the committee do or ask of our anchor partners to make this better. Hospitals could share existing data, could ask Community School Coordinators what needs they see, Laura–also a discussion at the Public Safety Committee who talked about bringing in a trauma response team into the community. Committee discussed bringing someone into the community who could connect community members with resources. Ms Dotie suggested having community members refer community members to the Community Engagement Center. Community Engagement Center is currently hiring community health workers around the covid-19 vaccine. Scott also suggested having training and support for community members so they can support their neighbors. 



UMMC Midtown is hosting a vaccination clinic at the Mondawmin Mall on the 2nd level. Will be at James McHenry August 14th. Ms Dotie will share the flyers with Shareen and Derrick.


Hollins Market movie night the 11th at 8pm, paint night the 14th.


Ms Dotie suggested getting the mobile vaccine units out at community events and reaching out to Chuck Callahan.

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