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Workforce Grant Updates

Elizabeth reviewed the grantee update. Summary of the Funded Projects.  Lisa would like to see more use of local partners–we’ve made this request. SAFE Center has been asked to submit a proposal of how they would like to use the funds. The Committee voted to move forward with re-awarding funding to the existing awardees. 


Workforce Development Vision Plan Review

Elizabeth shared the language from the Vision Plan on Workforce Development. The Committee discussed activities that had been done and the need for improved childcare opportunities. Summary of the Workforce Development Language in the Vision Plan

Goal Evaluation Metrics 


Project Updates

Advocacy–Kurt Sommer will be attending the September meeting and leading a discussion on Workforce Development Policy. Elizabe


Marketing–the Committee reviewed the one pager. They approved the one pager as it is, but Richard would like to see a version that doesn’t have a QR Code that Community members can look at and learn about the programs that are available without a computer. Lisa would prefer to have the funding in hand for a sustained outreach effort before worrying about developing materials. The Committee discussed various outreach strategies and possible materials. Marketing (one pager).

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