Lisa Rawlings

Elizabeth Weber

Diamond Stanley (NPower)

Brionna Epps-Hyde

Renee Angelo-Mauk (MENTOR MD/DC)

Dakotah Shamblin (MENTOR MD/DC)

Mira Appleby (VSP Lifebridge)

Alethea Smith (AHC)

Alethia Sanders Ranier (Bon Secours)

Darryl Lee (Reign Ultimate Solutions)

Merceditas Smith (Bon Secours)

Rachel Goodrich (SWP)

Angela Jones (VSP)

Fancie Kirby (NPower)

Lisa Rawlings (UMB)

Regina Merritt (Lifebridge)

Mentor MD/DC

Mentor MD/DC shared about the work they do and the resources they can provide to mentoring and youth development organizations. They provide a wide range of support for mentoring organizations including a resource library, consulting and technical assistance, access to training and workshops and communities of practice. Have a guide specifically for workforce mentoring. 


Key facts on youth employment–has been increasing since the great recession. Labor force participation of young people ages 16-24 has been declining. Focus is on talent pipeline, equity, and integrating opportunity youth into the workforce. 


Core principles

–being trustworthy and responsible

–acting with integrity

–honoring youth and family voice

–promote justice

–protect the right to dignity

–promote equity


Mentor MD/DC shared some of the qualities that make good mentors as well as barriers to an effective mentoring relationship.


Lisa asked about the current relationships with Baltimore City Public Schools? Working to bring mentoring relationships as well as a mentoring mindset in schools. Can provide training and identify areas where support is needed with community groups.


Alethea–could come on site to support working young people? Wouldn’t provide direct services–clients are program staff and then work on their capacity to build the program. 


Discussion Working with Young People

NPower: offer free IT training for young people–provide a range of career development services as well as the IT training. Have a mentorship program–scout mentors from within the industry. 

VSP: longstanding youth program–process in terms of working with young people–partnership with Grads to Careers as well as a long standing partnership with Civic Works. Have a youth internship program–helping them get to six months employment. 

Bon Secours Community Works–have a youth focus for the health care training program. Have been expanding youth services and will have a new community space that could provide after school programming space


Lisa asked what is effective in outreach to young people–Diamond suggested using PAL Centers and other community centers



Tomorrow at 11am food and fresh vegetables will be served at Edmonson Village


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