SWP recognizes the severity of the pandemic and understands that it will be a weight on society until such a time as a vaccine is discovered and distributed or testing and tracing is implemented throughout the region.

At the same time, it is incumbent upon SWP to continue to work toward the realization of the SWP Vision Plan and keep positive activities going throughout all seven neighborhoods.

Policy Through the Point in Time when the City of Baltimore Opens non-Essential Services and Businesses

SWP will support a telecommuting strategy through the end of June 2020. While staff may occasionally need to go to the office, the organization’s official policy is that staff will work from home.

Should staff be required to be at the office for essential tasks only accomplished on site, they will wear a mask unless they are alone. When two or more staff are present, masks are required and they must maintain a six-foot distance between each other at all times.

All meetings of the organization will take place through virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Meeting. Best efforts will be made to notify stakeholders of the dates, times and login credentials to the meetings. When possible, agendas and relevant handouts will be provided electronically prior to the meeting.  Minutes will be taken and posted on the website when appropriate.

Staff will disinfect meeting spaces after each use, and all other common areas at least daily.

Policy After City Opens non Essential Services and Businesses

It is anticipated that the City of Baltimore will begin opening non-essential services and  businesses sometime in late June or early July. . When that time arrives, SWP will reopen our offices at 1317 W Baltimore Street with a virtual celebration. Until that time SWP will continue the policy as stated in the section above. 

Staff will report to the office for normal working hours. Masks will be worn and six-foot separation maintained as there is ample room in the new offices. High risk employees (employees with autoimmune issues, older than 65, or having a condition which would exacerbate the covid 19) will be given the option of continuing to telecommute as much as possible.

The new SWP office has the capacity to safely seat up to 8 people at the conference table while maintaining the six-foot separation. Meetings where the expected number of attendees exceeds this capacity will be held virtually (e.g. Board Meetings). All in person meetings (with a known attendance of 8 or less) will offer both in-person attendance as well as a virtual attendance option (online platform for anyone who does not feel comfortable being in public or who is  a high-risk individual). 

Anyone entering the office during this period must be wearing a mask and should maintain the six-foot separation at all times. All persons entering will be asked to wear a mask (if none is present) or will be provided one if supplies are available. If a person cannot comply, they will be asked to leave and contact us by phone or email.

SWP will continue this policy until the CDC or Baltimore City Health Commissioner guidelines allow further lifting of restrictions and we return to normal operations. SWP will adapt to CDC or BCHC recommendations as they roll out if it is outside of our current timeline, and will follow whichever is more prudent.

Staff will disinfect meeting spaces after each use, and all other common areas daily.

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