Carrie Baniszewski Pastor Brenda White Nicole King Laura Dykes Scott Kashnow David McGill Dianne Bradley Kimberly Sheridan Patty Hogan Bill Marker Professor DeWitt Dykes Sonia Eaddy




  • Nominations: 
    • Kimberly nominated Ms. Sonia, Ms. Sonia declined the nomination
    • Bill Marker nominated Scott Kashnow, Scott accepted the nomination
    • Chair Responsibilities
  • Vote


Pastor Brenda would like the Committee to consider having a blurb about the AME church, she would also like to present a one-pager at a meeting

David McGill suggests having other older cities present 

Laura suggests professors from other cities presenting i.e. Professor DeWitt Dykes

Patty asks if the time 6:00 vs 7:00 affects the attendance 

Sarah Ann Street CHAP Update – Nicole

  • Bill 22-0284 needs to go back to Council for 2nd & 3rd reader, has not been scheduled
  • Hoes Height (
  • 867 W Baltimore – demolition 
    • Scheduled for this Thursday
    • Neighborhood leaders were not informed prior

Funding Updates – Carrie

Nadine got 2.1 million for the old Ford Theater 

December meeting – ? 


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