Scott, Roger, Betsey, Amanda, Meghan
  1. BRNI Awards:  FY2023
    1. $150,000 to stabilize two buildings and expand usable space for use by Saint Luke’s Youth Center (a partner application with SLYC)
    2. $100,000 to continue the stabilization of the Bruce St Arabber Stables
    3. $135,000 in operating support
    4. $100,000 to provide additional incentives in the targeted homeownership zones by providing down-payment assistance to families who want to buy a home within the Southwest Partnership Area
    5. $100,000 to support the renovation of existing, but underfunded and neglected, recreational green spaces in the Southwest Partnership neighborhoods.
    6. $200,000 towards our Commercial Improvement Program to continue the unified commercial capital program for businesses within the Southwest Partnership area seeking funds for capital improvements.
    7. $350,000 to stabilize and rehab homes for affordable homeownership with the SWP homeownership zones

Amanda gave a brief update of St Luke’s status. SLYC has relocated temporarily to St James Lafayette Square but hope to be back home at St Lukes soon.

  1. Sarah Ann Street Historic District Hearing: City Hall 4th Floor on January 24 @ 2PM 
  1. 1504&1506 West Baltimore Street: What does the committee think of selling these properties? 
    1. Concerned that if we sell what guarantee is there that the properties will be properly cared for and rehabilitated to preserve the history.
      1. Can we put something into the sale agreement – need to research
    2. Possibly engage with Innovation Works maybe they have a client looking for a space. 
    3. The sidewalk needs work – engage the vibrant streets committee on a combined project.
  1. Project Priorities and Ideas for the coming year
    1. Continue to work with St Lukes on their campus (signage and lighting)
      1. Perhaps engage an artist to make the lighting a unique and engaging feature 
    2. Historical markers in Pigtown – 
      1. Horse shoe pit
      2. Chimney near Carroll Park
      3. Collab with COP and Pigtown Mainstreet – Meghan will begin the conversation
    3. Meghan – Lord Baltimore Theater art project.
      1. Meghan gave an update/ asked for blessing
        1. All are OK with it bearing in mind that there may be damage including graffiti and that the work may need to be relocated once construction begins
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