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Approval of January Minutes – Jane Bucceri makes a motion to approve the minutes, Valerie makes second, minutes approved

Goals/Priorities/Incentives for 2023

  • Permit expedition with Housing Committee
    • Permit taskforce
      • Carrie is working on getting someone from the Permit Office to come to next month’s meeting
      • Nicole Orr – talk to Patel or Jason Hessler
      • make sure the owner of the properties contact info is in the City’s e-file system so they are copied on all City responses to ensure the contractors, engineers, architects are being responsive
  • Business Roundtable
  • Business Highlights
  • CHAP Historic District lead in a more equitable way
  • Local lenders refusing to lend to Baltimore Street projects
    • NIIF’s willing to come talk to the committee has threshold of $750,000 project
    • BCL should come to the committee to explain their hesitancy to loan on W. Baltimore St
    • Kurt – lenders are looking for scalability, find a way to tell the full story of the revitalization on W. Baltimore St, make a list of projects that are moving forward
    • Rason – the way WBS is perceived is one of the reasons getting financing is hard, until the issues diminish it is high-risk and high exposure for any lender
    • Kurt – how can we bring technical assistance resources to the area
    • City’s Boost Program – is it just downtown?  Carrie to follow up
  • Showcase of businesses
  • Vacant properties through tax sale
  • Business directory 
  • Retail Study Followup


  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Meghan
  • West Baltimore Street/Capital Projects Updates – Carrie
  • CPBO Updates

Chair Responsibilities

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