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Review and approval of April Minutes

Derrick moved the motion to approve the April Minutes. Diane seconded the motion and the April Minutes was approved.

Guest Speaker: 

  • It was mentioned that there was no guest speaker for this meeting. Looking forward to a guest speaker for the next meeting. There is a possibility that Councilwoman Ramos or someone from her office might be our guest speaker for our next meeting and will provide more insights on the City’s tax sale.

New Business

  • Housing Study Steering Committee
    • Non-SWP developer
    • SWP Staff
    • City of Baltimore
    • Community Development Expert
    • 2-3 Committee Members

Carrie provided an update on the Housing Study Steering Committee as indicated above. She further explained that members of this committee will involve a commitment of about three hours a month, which will last around six to eight months. This will include both virtual and in person meetings and community engagement. Carrie also mentioned that those interested in being members of this Housing Study Steering Committee should contact her and let her know of their interest. 

  • S. Gilmor Project Walk-thru

Carrie provided an update that the developer has sent out an invitation to this committee and the SWP Board for a Project Walk-thru. The date for the Walk-thru is May 21, 2022 which is a Saturday at 11:00 AM.

Old Business

  • Down Payment Assistance Program


Employee live near where you work

Referrals to NHS

Mailer for renters

Mortgage for less

Applications due


Meet with Steering Committee


  • Overall City Updates

Tony provided updates that have been new incentives announced by the Mayor. 

SWP is designated as an economic impact area

  • Saving Your Home from Tax Sale

Carrie provided an update on the City’s Tax Sale

  • MD Homeowner Assistance Fund

Homeownership referral program

Build a pipeline of rentals to become homeowners

  • Resident Resource Guide

Diana mentioned that she has no updates yet to provide.

  • Poe Homes – HABC

Kevin and Brian from HABC provided updates on the Poe Homes. Demolition has started on the Jehovah’s Witness property on W Mulberry St with a timeline for construction to begin sometime in 2024.

15 applications received

Rebuild Together still taking applications

They also gave an update on the Poe Homes Residents which includes:

Transformational plan boundaries 

Relocation plan to HUD – this includes environmental reviews to submit to HUD

Relocating households – No vouchers currently available

The Transform Poe Plan will also include case management

They provided a sort of timeline on the POE Homes in three phases

Demolition, Construction, Relocation

All things being equal they expect construction to start sometime in 2026

A website was also provided on the chat to everyone in attendance

New Business (Community Updates)

Diane provided information about Vibrant Streets

Biking – meets at Hollins Market on Sunday mornings

Anyone interested in biking are encouraged to join them

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