Edith Gilliard Kevin Gallaher Linda Lomax Sharon Park Heather Kangas Christian Hall Claudia Wilson Randall Nneka Nnamdi Jeff La Noue Jeff Hardy Carrie Baniszewski Derrick McCorvey Fisayo Oketunji Leila Kohler-Frueh Elaina Cecilia Gonzalez Laura Dykes David Carl Scott Kashnow Roger Wood Paulette Carrol Dotie Page Brian Greenan Serena Water

Review and approval of February Minutes – Leila made a motion to approve the minutes, Christian seconds

BRNI/CORE Application Rankings

Guest Speaker: 

  • Nneka Nnamdi Fight Blight Bmore – Vacant Housing App 
  • Claudia Wilson Randall – Tax Sale Outreach Toolkit – 
  • Jeff La Noue – Census data

New Business

  • Down Payment Assistance Program

Old Business

  • Housing RFP
  • Overall City Updates
    • Saving Your Home from Tax Sale
    • MD Homeowner Assistance Fund
  • Resident Resource Guide
  • Poe Homes – HABC
  • Homeownership Zones/NHS Partnership/LEDC
  • Homeownership Work Group
    • Homebuyers Club
    • NHS Homeownership Pop-ups

New Business (Community Updates)

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