JR Lee

Thomas Hams

Elizabeth Weber

Paulette Carroll

Laura Dykes

Howard Hughes

Project Updates

Community Safety Grant–have been told that we will have the contract by July 24th, will send information out on the next round when we receive it.


Alley Gates: a lot of things started, will be working on Carrolton Ave, south of Baltimore St (not officially alley gating) and then the gates on the 1200 block of W Lexington St. Thomas will have something in writing by the next Public Safety meeting. 


JR would like to do visible projects in the community that community members can see things happening in the community


Public Safety Roundtable

JR is concerned about the fires as well as the increase in the murder rate and about the high grass and weeds on sidewalks. 


Ms Paulette is working with Del. Wells and Councilwomen Porter on the traffic light needed in her community


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