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Edith Gilliard Canty

Patty Hogan

Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber

Scott Kashnow

Bif Browning

Dotie Page 

Robert Meyer

DPW Updates

Having an issue with illegal dumping, please report it. Illegal dumping is a primary focus right now.

Community dumpsters will be available soon. If dumpsters have already been scheduled, call 311 to find out how they are going to be scheduled. Are going to honor previously scheduled dumpsters first.


311 is still the best way to report issues, and then reach out to the community liaison officer.


Street Projects Update

SWP has been working with two community members: Cindi Ptak and Nicole Orr who are interested in engaging the Neighborhood Design Center on a study of potential traffic calming on W Lombard St between Fulton and MLK. The SWP has talked to NDC about potentially including other related streets projects including traffic calming on W Pratt, streetscaping on W Baltimore and Carey, and pedestrian lighting on Carey St.


NDC’s work involves an extensive community engagement process before developing any plan, and they integrate all existing plans. Their work would initially consist of meeting with DOT, neighborhood associations, and other stakeholders to identify what plans already exist, and what would be possible before making recommendations. 


We are waiting for a proposal to be put together with all of the projects, at which point it will be presented to the Committee and the impacted neighborhood associations for approval before money is raised to fund it.


Scott–interested in looking at Fayette and Mulberry


Neighborhood Grants Update

There will be a second round of funding of approximately $13,000-$19,000 with awards made in the fall. 


Committee will award highest rated projects first


Clean Block Competition

Spring competition was cancelled due to the pandemic–what other options are there for implementing this program?


Dan suggested asking the associations if they would be interested in participating in mid-September


Dotie suggested holding off until next year


We could do a summer clean up that would involve people self reporting cleaning up and the winning block would win.


Bif suggested sponsoring an individual bloom your block in each neighborhood

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