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Community School Updates

Charles Carroll Barrister had a month long Black History Month Celebration, culminating with a pizza party and a video of all of the projects–will be releasing the video and doing another presentation. For Women’s History Month will be highlighting and honoring staff members. No major events upcoming in March


Stueart Hill: vaccine clinic upcoming for students, staff, and families. Had a community budget forum meeting yesterday. Abigail wonders about the community budget process–Mark is happy to share the recording. Do have field trips scheduled for this year–field trip for fifth graders in May, horseback riding in April. Past weekend had an MLK Event with Peace Players.


March 28th a meeting is being hosted by Baltimore City Schools at 2:45pm to discuss the transition and SHAA closing. SHAA Community Space will be open this spring–will be open to students, families, and surrounding the community.


Second Community School Roundtable held today on trauma and trauma informed practices from EMES Training. Next Roundtable will be March 31st with the Black Mental Health Alliance


Vivien T: pool and aquatics programming is going well, working on social emotional learning, currently short staffed. Have a marching band, basketball and swim team–swim team came in 4th at a recent meet


Steuart Hill Update

School Board has sent a formal letter announcing the closure, and there is an appeal process. Neighborhood associations are in support. Abigail would like to see an assessment of the accuracy of the facilities report and also think about an appeal from the perspective of the wider community. Cecilia asked about family’s energy around an appeal–Mark–families have not been particularly engaged around an appeals process and seem to have accepted the school closure. The Committee would support an appeal


Abigail would like the Committee to support a broader outreach effort to engage community members.


UMMC is running a vaccine competition and wonders if Steuart Hill would like to participate. Dana will connect with Mark. 


Cecilia shared about the work of the city wide coalition in opposing the closures


Jeff is happy to keep folks updated and engaged with what’s happening at the school outside of meetings


Program Updates

Internship Program–interns are amazing. Will be starting community walks in mid-March. Ms Edith/Franklin Square attended the last internship meeting. Interns have been working on branding and building identity as a group, have been selecting Committees that they would like to work with. 


Camille asked about the research–researched the history of a neighborhood to get a sense of the context and background and met with community leaders. 


Dotie asked about Black History month activities–Dotie suggested getting involved in the Poppleton Juneteenth Event


Ms Edith found working with the interns amazing–they are very impressive 


Laura suggested moving the time of the meeting back to 7pm. 


Ayanna suggested making SWP branding materials. 


Abigail wants to know the Committee’s thoughts on being more involved in the program–Cecilia suggested having the interns give updates, and interns getting involved on projects with the interns


Dotie suggested having a separate intern meeting


Mental Health: Abigail has devised a series of conversations with school mental practitioners, will start the process. Interns are very interested in working on mental health. Ms Paulette would like there to be increased access to mental health services and support


Other programs: chess group meeting–connect with Nate if you’re interested. Boy Scouts are looking for groups to host troops


James McHenry Rec Center basketball league ages 6-14 Mondays and Tuesdays


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