Terrell Butcher

Lisa Rawlings

NaToya Mitchell

Richard Parker 

Khandra Sears

Patty Hogan

  1. Policy  Advocacy Update
    1. Judicial Proceedings Committee (State Senate) will hear the expungement expansion bill March 8th. Elizabeth will submit the drafted testimony on behalf of the Committee
    2. Board voted in favor of supporting the bill–now the Committee can vote to support this bill. Committee voted to support SB138/HB122
  2. Child Care Training Updates–BCCC is starting a childcare workforce training program in mid April–cost per participant is $750-$1500 for the 45/90 hour certification. They have free slots available for folks with DSS as well as through the Casino Impact funds for communities in the Casino Impact Area.

Lisa has over a dozen interviews with workforce training providers on the Workforce Wednesday Facebook Page.


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