Nancy McCormick Heather Kangas - Chair Kareema Pinder - NHS Roger Wood - BMAC Gregg Mitchell - Habitat for Humanity Patrick Jordan - Enterprise Carrie Baniszewski - Staff Serena Watters Yolanda Santirosa Jared Elwell - Enterprise Andrea Franchini - Rebuilding Together Baltimore Ashley Johnson Lou Packett Marianne Narvarro Cecilia Gonzalez Dotie Page Elaina Laura Dykes Diane Geis April Patterson - CivicsWork Jeff La Noue - Department of Planning Tony Scott - Staff Ashley Johnson-Ware - Enterprise George Kleb Paulette Carroll Derrick McCorvey II Brian Greenan

Review and approval of May Minutes

Nancy makes a motion to approve, Diana seconds 

  • Guest Speaker: Kareema Pinder, Director of Home Buying Center, NHS to discuss Homebuyers Club and mortgage products.
    • Financial coaching 
    • Home Buyers Club – peer setting, getting prepared for home ownership
    • Tours of areas of interest
    • Money for down payment and closing costs (in-house and through partnerships) educates on City and State incentives
    • Match Saving Program – help get into the habit of saving  – match what you save
    • Follow- up 
      • Kareema Pinder 410-327-1200 ext 109
  • Guest Speaker: Patrick Jordan from Enterprise Community on partnership with SWP
    • Patrick, Jared, and Ashely
    • End to end housing organization
    • Increase housing supply
    • Advance racial equity 
    • Build resilience & upward mobility
    • Solutions- Programs, policy and capacity building
    • Communities – developer
    • Capital – debt, equity, pre-development funding 
    • Looking at how to better support the neighborhoods in a holistic way
    • Looking at a more formal partnership i.e. MOU
    • Next steps
      • Conducting interviews in the community
      • Strategy by end of summer for review
    • Looking at supporting a housing plan with SWP
      • Timeline needs
      • Budget needs
  • Guest Speaker: Carrie Baniszewski – Land Bank 101
    • Worked in Indianapolis with land bank
    • Vacant property- taxes still being paid (there isn’t a vacant building notice on every abandoned property)
    • Abandoned property-taxes have not been paid
    • Land bank is a public authority or nonprofit that gives opportunity for property for productive use
    • Tax sale currently there is no vetting of buyers and it attracts investors
      • Many aren’t local and only interested in profit
      • Way for city to recoup tax revenue but it doesn’t address blight or the community
    • How could it be different? And how could it work with SWP?
      • Separate LLC created with own board
      • SWP would take care of maintenance 
      • Pool of vetted developers to offer properties to for low to moderate income homeownership
      • Gregg Mitchell- Ask city for exemption from property taxes history of Habitat doing this
        • Typically Land Bank is tax exempt per Carrie but a lot of local advocacy is needed
    • Challenges
      • Costs
      • Working with city regarding costs and tax exemptions
    • Next steps
      • More in depth presentation
    • Discussion
      • Land Bank v Land Trust
      • Consideration of commercial properties
      • Community ownership of processes
      • Importance of housing plan!!!
  • Reconvening Neighborhood Marketing Work Group
    • Creating working group of Housing, Commercial and Historic Preservation Group
    • If interested, please reach out to Carrie!
  • Summer Schedule – July meeting cancelled 

Old Business

  • Poe Homes 
    • Next community meeting June 16th at 6:30
      • BDC will present revised proposal for capital projects
  • Homeownership Zones/NHS Partnership/LEDC
  • Tax Sale Program
  • Homeownership Work Group
    • Homebuyers Club
    • NHS Homeownership Pop-ups

New Business (Community Updates)

Nancy makes motion to adjourn the meeting, Dotie seconds 

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