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Review and approval of June Minutes Nancy makes a motion to approve the minutes, several seconds 

  1. CenterWest letter support letter that was initially sent by the Executive Committee on behalf of the board. There was a lot of disagreement regarding this. Since the project is considered a housing committee matter, board leadership has asked the housing committee to determine the best way to proceed as most of the board wants to still update the initial letter. The goal is to determine how the Housing Committee wants to move forward and to formulate a motion for the Board to approve (or for the board to consider for approval).

Here are past board and housing committee meeting minutes that further explain situation/context:

Because there is a dispute in Poppleton now on who is in leadership, the Board decided that we can not act until that dispute is settled. The Housing Committee can have a discussion on Poppleton projects but can not make motions or decisions. 

Nicole Orr – anything that Richard Parker has committed to should be brought into question as he has several current fraud charges and a bench warrant. The board needs to reconsider his position

Nate Tarter – consequence is that people are getting displaced and the development is happening as originally planned

Patricia Nickerson – people living on Vine St. can not park on their own block 

Francina emphasizes Patricia’s parking concern. Residents from Dan’s building are not parking in the parking structure, they are parking on residential streets 

Sharon Blandingbrown – it’s not the building residents that are taking up the parking spaces – it’s the people on Vine St 

Cecilia – What is the SWP’s plan to listen to the community and answer it’s questions? Why are these decisions happening in secret meetings?

  1. The original letter should be rescinded 
  2. If the board refuses to rescind, it needs to be redrafted, which has been voted on twice now and has not happened 
  3. Cease the removal of current residents 

Mildred Newman – trash cans not being emptied and trash is blowing down the street. Loud music at late hours coming from Dan’s building 

  1. The Commercial Committee approved $200k of Baltimore Street money to help Tonya Harris acquire 1420 W Baltimore Street. Since it includes housing, they recommended she come to the next housing meeting to talk more about the project, especially the housing component.
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