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Review and approval of April Minutes – Nancy motioned to approve, George seconded

  • Guest Speaker: Kareem Pinder, Director of Home Buying Center, NHS to discuss Homebuyers Club and mortgage products.
  • Proposed New Landlord Law: Caitlin Goldblatt, Baltimore Renter’s United
  • Land Bank Updates
    • Seperate from the city efforts
    • Hold vacant property for the purpose of redevelopment
    • Allows for larger development and makes it more attractive to developers
      • Want to gain site control of whole blocks
      • Offer a block or cluster of properties to developers
    • Create an entity that gives us more control over development process
    • Lincoln Land Institute and Bon Secours – gave us money to advocate for land bank and tax sale reform and to create a Land Bank entity 
      • Bon Secour has committed 1 million for construction loan funds
    • Need an entity to hold properties that is not SWP
    • Will eventually need formal approval from Housing Committee and the Board
    • Would be residential properties 
    • Heather – Can the Housing Committee have Land Banking 101
    • Sharon Park – thought given to developers that are brought in, doesn’t understand why SWP partners with some of the developers that we do. Find developers who are from the community, be reflected of community 
    • Sonia – Would owner occupied areas be captured by Land Bank 
      • Tony – No
    • Laura- Can we help skilled community members become developers?
    • Sonia – How do we make this a partnership of communities? How is the community involved?
      • George – it is how we develop the governance of the Land Bank, community support is a condition of Bon Secours support
  • S. Carey St Developments 
    • Unit and 100 block of S. Carey, border between Union Square and Hollins Roundhouse
    • Both communities have asked us to tackle vacant homes on those blocks
    • None of them are city-owned
    • Partnering with Noble Baier – Franklin Sq developer
    • 2-3 years out
  • Mayor’s Tax Sale Announcement
    • City is pulling all owner-occupied units from May’s tax sale
  • Reconvening Neighborhood Marketing Work Group
    • Better marketing the 7 neighborhoods, new materials, etc. 
    • Asking for volunteers to join a marketing work group
      • Reach out to Heather ( or Carrie ( if interested
      • Laura maybe 
      • Cecilia’s husband – graphic designer
        • Nate Tarter –
    • Reach out to Historic Preservation and Commercial Committees for volunteers
  • Summer Meeting Schedule
    • Do we want to skip a meeting in July or August?

Old Business

  • Poe Homes 
  • Homeownership Zones/NHS Partnership/LEDC
  • Tax Sale Program
  • Homeownership Work Group
    • Homebuyers Club
    • NHS Homeownership Pop-ups

New Business (Community Updates)

Edith motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by George

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