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Review and approval of July Minutes – Nancy makes a motion to approve the minutes, Edith seconded

  • Guest Speaker: Bonnie Bessor ReBuilding Together – update to the homeowner repair program
  • Franklin Square fires 
    • Fire on 1500 block of W Fremont Ave August 27th – 8 houses, extremely damaged
    • Everybody is pretty much taken care of
    • GoFund Me Page
    • 10 families affected
    • Diana: are the families going to stay in Franklin Square? Edith: Not sure, thinks most of them want to come back or stay. Scott: some of the families have kids in local schools and wanted to keep their kids there
  • Lou Packett

Old Business

  • Poe Homes 
    • 9/15 meeting – 6:30 
    • RBT will be presenting again
    • Renovate every thing on site and do temporary relocations (ToT)
  • Homeownership Zones/NHS Partnership/LEDC
    • SWP purchased three tax sale certificates in the Pigtown Homeownership Zone last week, purchasing three more tomorrow
    • RWJ Foundation 
      • Were able to reallocate funds about to expire to further subsidy properties for sale, were able to get the City to commit to additional funding as well
  • Tax Sale Program
  • Homeownership Work Group
    • Homebuyers Club
    • NHS Homeownership Pop-ups

New Business (Community Updates)

  • Edith: Pop-up Jazz concert in Franklin Square Park last week, it went really well
  • Dotie: Ravens and Lowes working with AME on cleaning and feeding corner of Lexington and Carrollton Ave
  • Union Square in partnership with the Society to Preserve H.L. Mencken’s Legacy, will have Compositions performed by The Symphonic Brass, a quintet consisting of members of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Ms. Edith motion to adjourn, Nancy and Scott second

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