JR Lee

Howard Hughes

Laura Dykes

Colleen Moore

Thomas Hams

Kevin Gallaher

Roger Wood

Scott Kashnow

Paulette Carroll

Project Updates

Received funding for community safety improvements–temporary string lighting, porch lighting, and cameras. Committee discussed the benefits for string lights and the positive impact on the community. Will discuss more details on the program next meeting.


Securing property on W Baltimore St continues, Elizabeth will get addresses of frequently boarded properties as well as secured properties. 


Committee discussed the impact of the police district changes, as well as the new State’s Attorney and the new MONSE anti-violence initiative. New police district implementation will be happening slowly and will begin rolling out gradually. 


Committee also discussed the potential public safety impact of closing Hollins Market for renovations. Committee will follow the lead of the Hollins Roundhouse Neighborhood Association in terms of sending a letter to Baltimore Public Markets.


Committee also discussed strategies for getting street light on faster–Thomas suggested using the BGE website to report outages. 


Public Safety Roundtable

Townes and the Terraces–major health and safety issues over the past five years. JR and Paulette will connect offline


Bike rodeo again? Could be combined with the kids bike rides

Committee discussed the memorial garden at the site of the fatal fire.


Committee discussed impact of proposed bill to address vacant commercial properties.


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