Susan Moriarty

Diana Geis

Edith Gilliard Canty

Adrian Lockely

Donnell Nance

Roger Wood

Laura Dykes

David McGill

Howard Hughes

Scott Kashnow

Dotie Page

Project Updates Historic Signs

City will be replacing the historic signs. Will need to identify all of the old signs to identify which sign we would like replaced or removed. If there are new places they can be added.


Once locations are identified and proofs are improved signs are made within a week, installation will happen in phases.


If you want a sign in a place where it has never been before need to submit an application to DOT’s Right of Way Division. Do need to follow Right of Way approval requirements. Don’t need to go through this process for existing signs. 


Scott asked about historic trail style signs–Adrian unclear if installed by the City or another group but probably another group. 


Next steps could be new signs at the entrances to the neighborhoods. Could be electronic signs–will add pricing out new signs and deciding how to move forward with signage to a project list


Topics for DPW

Will reach out to neighborhood folks to get DPW related 311 requests for the February meeting


311 confirmation: 591105 (collapsing garages)


Committee discussed challenges with getting abandoned cars towed. Elizabeth will try to reach out to DOT–will connect with Donnell. 


Compliment on them being fast on sewer back ups, slow on street sweeping and trash cans/trash and recycling bins. Also have questions about leaves left in the gutter and water pressure, especially in hydrants.


Spring Engagement Ideas

Donnell asked for ideas about spring engagement activities–Susan suggested a clean up and neighborhood happy hour to follow


Laura–met with the BioPark and would be interested in doing something around community clean ups


Donnell will connect with Susan (and Elizabeth) to plan out next steps. Committee discussed different options for volunteer activities combined with social activities 

–Hollins Roundhouse dumpster days are 3/18, 5/27, 8/19, and 12/9


Project Updates

Franklin Square Comfort Station–moving along, have had some challenges with permits


Bikes–continuing to have the bike rides, thinking of planning a family bike ride to Camden Yards


Franklin Square plant replacement–hoping to replace come spring


Deadline for bulk tree ordering should be coming up soon–deadline should be somewhere in February for a spring delivery

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