PO Owens (Southern District)

Hazel Lewis (UMB Police Department)

Kevin Gallagher (HABC)

Arlisa Anderson (HABC)

Howard Hughes

Colleen Moore (Grace Medical Center)

Paulette Carroll

Roger Wood

Laura Dykes

Police Updates

Carjackings and robberies are an issue across the city (not just in the Southern District)–tips are to be aware of your surroundings, keeping ear pods out of ears. Group of young people are robbing folks walking around


Laura asked about the best strategy for addressing squatters at 100 S Poppleton St–Officer Owens will take it back


Laura asked if there was any updates on the shooting that was on Poppleton a couple of weeks ago–Cpl Lewis will find out some more information, wasn’t an arrest made–Ofc. Owens just know it was juvenile based. 


Program Updates

Committee approved the string lighting program guidelines and discussed solar lights. 

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