Serena Watters

Kelleigh Eastman

Edith Gilliard-Canty

Howard Hughes

Sonia Eaddy

Laura Dykes

Abigail Breiseth

Scott Kashnow

Cecilia Gonzalez

JR Lee

Donnell Nance

Richard Parker

Kris Hoellen

Ryand Smith

Jane Shaab

Gregg Herlong

Bill Joyner

Rebecca Altman

Vernell Lewis

Charisse Lue

Tashi-Kali M.Acket

New Visitors

  • Heidi Stevens – United Way
  • Anna Tatro – WBRF

Minutes Approval

  • Motion to approve by Bill, seconded by Laura 
  • Kelleigh not here last month – Abstained → all others approve.


Executive Director’s Report – Elizabeth

    • Executive Director’s Report
      • Operational Consultant
        • We have received two proposals in response to the request for proposals the Board approved in November, and will be potentially receiving another in the next day or so from a third consultant who requested an extension. A few key points:
        • Both proposals are well over the budget initially set for this engagement ($20,000). One was for $44,000 and the other for slightly over $34,000. Reviewing our end of the year financials we do have more general operating carryover than expected, and so could cover this overage without impacting other budgeted items, but it is substantial.
        • The timeline for both proposals is between 4 and 5 months
        • Jane S. – conflicted over planning and then hiring ED. Thinks we should go for the hire first – then consultant for planning
        • Howard – where was RFP posted?
        • Kris – along the same lines as Jane – The ED should be part of the planning with the Board
        • Scott – echo Kris and Jane
        • Ryand – echo – agree – hire first then 
  • Laura – motion to table the consultant rfp for now and move toward hiring an ED first.
  • JR – Here we go again spending money.
  • Abigail – Agnostic on the order of the Consultant vs. ED however feels very strongly that we need outside assistance.
  • Richard – Should hire ED first – Search committee has already been established.
  • Sonia – agrees Table the consultant/ Hire an ED
  • 2nd Abigail – All in favor.
  • Jane S. – Motion: to reinvigorate previously established search committee and move forward hiring a permanent ED
  • Kris 2nd – 
  • Scott shared the list: Scott (chair), Sonia, Donnell, Bill, Rebecca, Howard, Kris.
  • All in favor.
    • Elizabeth shared – Schedule for Board Meetings for 2023
      • February 2023 Board only
      • March 2023 open to the public
      • April 2023 Board only, in person
      • May 2023 open to the public
      • June 2023 Board only
      • July 2023 open to the public (if held)
      • August 2023 open to the public (if held)
      • September 2023 Board only
      • October 2023 open to the public
      • November 2023 open to the public
      • December 2023 open to the public
  • Jane S – would be happy to reserve the BioPark for in person meetings if that is desired.
  • Jane B. Will minutes still be available for the Board Only meetings? 
    • Yes.
  • Kris – prefers the Zoom option – perhaps we could shift the time for the in person meetings earlier 6-8 maybe.
  • Ryand – what is the flow of the in person meetings
    • We haven’t had one in two years but expecting essentially similar to our online meetings.
  • Laura – earlier is inconvenient for her – in person is also challenging for child care.
  • Gregg – earlier is better for him
  • Bill – important to distinguish between whether it’s simply more convenient for some to attend at a certain time and whether for some it is impossible to attend. We want to be sure we are not excluding anyone due to the timing.
  • Kris – perhaps we keep a hybrid option for the in person meetings also for those that need it.
    • Workforce Committee (Richard Parker): Support for Workforce Legislation in Annapolis -JOTF Agenda
  • Richard: Motion to support the bills – Jane 2nd – Cecilia and Gregg abstain – all in others in favor
    • Commercial Development Committee ( Laura Dykes): Letter to BDC in reference to Price Rite Closure in partnership with Pigtown Mainstreet
      • Elizabeth read the letter.
  • Laura motion to support the letter – Tashi-Kali 2nd. Richard & Kris Abstain – All others in favor
    • CDBG application approval
      • Elizabeth would like to apply again for CDBG operating funds $75,000 – due Jan 29. 
  • Laura: Motion to apply  for $75,000 CDBG operating funds 
  • Scott 2nd and amend motion to say apply and accept funding
  • All in favor 
  • Housing Plan Kickoff tomorrow
    • Jan 18 – 6:30-8pm
  • Annual Meeting
    • Saturday Jan 28th
    • At the B&O from 5-7pm
    • cocktail nibbles
    • brief remarks from the President
    • focus on networking 
    • Richard: Who put this together?
      • Elizabeth: The staff – volunteers were requested multiple times 
      • Scott: I know that Elizabeth requested volunteers at least 2 different board meetings.
    • Kris – in the past elected officials were invited and spoke.
      • EW: We focussed more on community members this year.
    • Jane – can board members extend invitations?
      • EW: certainly
    • JR – what is the budget?
      • $6500 – bulk of that is food
    • Kurt – WBRF is assisting with some of the cost

Community Updates (2 minutes each)

  • Barre Circle –  Serena Not here
  • Franklin Square – Edith No updates
  • Hollins Roundhouse – Howard – no update
  • Mount Clare – not here
  • Pigtown – Kelleigh – Groundwork has reopened for carryout – hopefully the restaurant will reopen soon
  • Poppleton – Sonia – City Council hearing City Hall for Sarah Ann Street Historic District on the 24th @ 2PM.
    • Paulette – nothing
  • Union Square – Elizabeth received a letter that they will not be sending a rep for now.
    • Cecilia – Is this something their constituents are aware of?
      • don’t know
    • Howard – Does this mean they don’t have a vote?
      • Yes – 
    • Jane B. This sounds like a governance question – ask the committee to discuss.
    • Several people including Howard brought up the boundaries of the CHAP district. 
    • Sonia – The boundaries they asked for do not include Baltimore Street. The CHAP district is a separate question.
    • Carrie: We will be discussing the CHAP district at the Preservation Committee.
    • Scott: Our member neighborhoods make their own decisions. There is really not much here for SWP to do – It’s up to Union Square how they want to be involved.
      • The Preservation Committee will be bringing CHAP to a meeting soon to meet with us and the neighborhoods to talk about how the CHAP districts work.
    • David: Looks forward to getting more information from the Union Square board
    • Donnell: What does this mean for projects in Union Square?
      • We are not sure yet but probably not much affect.

Anchor Updates (2 minutes each)

  • B&O Railroad Museum – Kris – Lots of Updates – Check the website and she will email as things come up
  • Bon Secours – Ryand – no updates.
  • Lifebridge Health – Rebecca – Community Day Health Fair 
    • 4/22 11-2PM 2000 blk of Baltimore Street
    • Kurt – WBRF – 
      • excited to support the Poppleton Rec Center with a Grant
      • The Factory is moving along – hope to move in April
        • still more construction through the summer probably
      • Summer Programming grants possible
    • Anna Tatro said hi.
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) – Bill
    • The Cash Campaign is again doing taxes at the CEC – free under $54K
    • Family Movie Night 6-8pm
    • Admin Assistant Open House 1/25 5-6PM
  • Wexford Science & Technology – Gregg – no updates
  • UMB BioPark – Jane
    • Cafe is open until 7PM
    • Neopol is now open T,W,Th,F
  • UM Medical Center – Chuck – not here 

Program Committee Updates (2 minutes each)

  • Commercial – Laura – approved the letter – no other updates
  • Education – Abigail -Steuart Hill appeal update–the original appeal was made in March 2022. Recently – The SH parent appellants and coalition filed an exception to the ALJ’s recommendation to dismiss the appeal. That automatically gives each side 10 minutes to argue their case in front of the MSBE (state board of ed) and is scheduled for March 28.
  • Historic Preservation – Scott 
    • CHAP conversation
    • Paulette asked about Rev King display – We are still looking for locations
    • Sonia and Amanda discussed historic plaque at St Lukes and lighting project.
  • Housing – Cecilia
    • Meeting with Councilman Bullock regarding inclusionary housing bill
    • Tomorrow on Zoom is the Housing Plan Kickoff 
  • Public Safety – 
    • JR heard Hollins Market might close for up to 4 months – very concerned what this will mean from a safety perspective if there is no security and no activity at the market.
  • Vibrant Streets – Donnell – meeting next week – discussing 311 especially street sweeping
  • Workforce – 
    • Richard not on call – No updates

CPBO – No Updates

Open Forum – No comments

9:12pm – Meeting Adjourned – motion by Donnell- 2nd by Scott – All in favor

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