Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Partnership

February 23, 2021



  1. T Sanders
  2. Jonathan Susman
  3. Carrie Baniszewski (SWP)
  4. Dave O’Donnell
  5. Lou Packett
  6. Scott Kashnow
  7. Patty Hogan
  8. Troy Wilson
  9. Jane Buccheri
  10. Laura Dykes
  11. Ashley Watson
  12. Bif Browning
  13. Curtis Eaddy
  14. David McGill
  15. Jane Mayrer
  16. Nicole Orr
  17. Nikky Davis
  18. Thomas Hams
  19. Serena Watters
  20. Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil
  21. Frieda Ulman
  22. Bill Freeman
  23. Keith Robinson, SWP
  24. Eugene Balbierz
  25. Tony Scott, SWP
  26. Dotie Paige

Approval of January Minutes – Jane, Patty


  • Carrie Baniszewski – new Physical Development Manager

Finalizing of Committee Goals for 2021

    • Board Approved Indicators/Metrics
    • Entrepreneur Conference Idea for consideration
      • Bill Freeman – Business Development, how to write a business plan
      • how much of this exists already instead of re-create it?
      • How to highlight, showcase ALL spaces, not just Pigtown Mainstreet and Baltimore Street
        • Wicomico
      • Troy
        • Grant Fund for Tenant Improvements – Tony will connect with Troy to set up TI Fund
        • Connect with Education to give kids confidence to open up their own business → two high schools Vivien T
      • Jonathan Susman: In regard to the entrepreneur conference, has anyone looked into Kiva Baltimore?  I don’t know much about it but they underwrite small microlending of loans for start-up or existing business.
    • Inventory
    • Popups → TI build out to existing businesses 
  • Ashley Watson and Jane Buccheri to work on review of Retail Study
    • This might be a good fit for the asking residents what they’d like to see through the Listening campaign survey
  • Lou:
    • Parking strategy
    • Targeting major problem properties – important buildings important to health of the street
      • Baltimore and Carey (1 N Carey)
      • 1420 W Baltimore St
  • Scott: can we get an attorney? → fundraising committee?
    • How do we market commercial strategy out to others via marketing? Collateral? 

Old Business

  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Keith & Curtis
  • Facade subcommittee update – Tony
    • Completed facades:
      • 129-131 S Schroeder St
      • 1514-1516 W Baltimore St
  • Hollins Market Updates – Dave
    • Submitted supplemental to WBRF for new pop-up stall and farm stand (locally-sourced organic foods)
    • Technical assistance to businesses from Choice Neighborhood Grant to work with existing and new businesses 
  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Frieda
    • Mike Azimi bought barre st properties to convert
    • Mindgrub is moving into Wicomico
    • Planting 150 trees in April/May with Tree Trust
    • Design Committee Graham – raised $100k
    • March 25th – Trivia

New Business

  • Community Wealth Builders Pilot – Tony explained new pilot for SWP communities
  • Lou reminded folks about the Listening Campaign – questions due March 5th. 

Jane motion to adjourn – Jonathan seconded

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