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Thomas Hams

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Bill Joyner

Approval of February Minutes

Committee approved the minutes from February

  • BRNI/CORE Projects

Committee would like to apply for alley gates (including fencing vacant property), cameras if they are eligible, fencing or decorative posts/chains for vacant property, pedestrian lighting, 

City offers a rebate program for cameras. 

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Last Thursday UMB set up a team by Hollins Market to register community members in being vaccinated. Will be back Friday to register people for the vaccine.

Laura asked about efforts to combat disinformation? Can ask our anchor partners what resources they have to share with the community. 

  • BPD updates
    • Neighborhood policing plan/redistricting update

Western District newsletter has information about a facade improvement grant program that will address. Western District also identifies dumping sites, vacant buildings, work done without a permit. Can also provide crime stats.


Committee would like to see the SWP neighborhoods all be in one district. Want to figure out how to advocate for that. BPD will be making recommendations (through the Commissioners Officer and the Chief of Staff), but is being handled ultimately through City Hall. City Council Districts and city agency districts will also be redrawn. Process will begin when the census data will be made available, which is later than usual. Two issues to be considered–do we all want to be the same district, and does it have to be the Southern? 


Next steps:

  1. Come up with an agreed upon goal
  2. Want to be emailing BPD, Councilman, Planning, City Council President’s Office


Been a huge increase in activity at Baltimore and Carey–BPD do have increased presence at hot spots like these. 


Hollins Market–being considered as one of the neighborhoods in the neighborhood policing plan pilots. Neighborhood policing would have community decision making in policing rather than being a top down approach. Shared reimagining will be scaled up to every neighborhood–but will start with just two. Neighborhoods will be determined by the end of next week. UMB has been advocating in this process. Two buckets–need and readiness to be involved.

  • Old Business
    • Camera pilot update – Thomas

Interested in pursuing the camera program with the Abell Foundation. Found a donor to provide funds for cameras that were needed. There is an opportunity for a parklet at Hollins Market, and are discussing cameras with the new property owner. In order to get access to the rebate program have to let the police into the camera. 

  • New Business

Bike Rodeo–is the Committee interested in planning it? JR Committee said sure. Always an exciting time to watch the kids be involved. At the side of Hollins Market have the ability to block the street. Need to know a little more about it. 

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