1. Howard Hughes
  2. JR Lee
  3. Elizabeth Weber
  4. Officer Jr Jones
  5. Meghan Cardoso
  6. Scott Kashnow
  7. Patrice Bell
  8. Thomas Hams
  9. Tony Scott, SWP
  10. Laura Dykes
  11. Richard Parker
  12. David McGill
  13. Hazel
  14. Officer Claude
  15. Patty Hogan
  • Approval of January minutes – Richard, Officer Jones
  • BPD updates
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
    • M&T Bank Stadium and Convention Center are both mass vaccination sites
    • Tony to post in Hollins Market on community board
  • Old Business
    • Police response survey – Bill Joyner (not able to attend)
      • How do we come up with plan for a safety plan for all seven neighborhoods
      • How to go about moving the police district lines and when is the process starting
      • When does Southern, Western, and Central have their Zoom meetings? 
    • Public Safety Meeting Reminder Letter
    • Camera pilot update – Thomas provided update on initial three locations
    • Alley gates – Thomas provided update
    • New Business – None
  • Motion to adjourn the meeting – JR adjourned meeting
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