Jane Buccheri

Dante DeTaliban

Elizabeth Weber

Roger Wood

Jane Mayrer

Ivan Leshinsky

Camille Givens Patterson

Sheila Drummond Camm

Stephanie Farmer

SWP Education Committee Meeting

December 5 2019

Human Trafficking Presentation

The Committee heard a presentation on preventing human trafficking from the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Baltimore Police Department.

Ben Center Update

United Way of Central Maryland is partnering with the UMB CEC to bring components of the United Way Ben Center to the community. Bringing the early childhood education and teen parenting center to the Excel Academy. Are in the process of applying for funding and appreciate the SWP’s support.

Lou Project Updates

Y of Central Maryland has sent a preliminary proposal for operating the pool at Vivien T Thomas, still needs to be reviewed by the school and the SWP. Two schools definitely want to be part of the Bronx Green Machine (Charles Carroll Barrister, Steuart Hill Academic Academy)

Community School Update

Final contract will be approved next week, still looking for coordinators especially for Charles Carroll Barrister. Elizabeth will send Dante the presentation.

Southwest Partnership Board Report

Committee will be tasked with determining performance measures, indicators, and evaluation metrics for the overall goal of ‘Improving the quality of life and access to economic opportunities for current residents’.

UMB Christmas Store 7th and 14th, Mount Clare Christmas store the 7th

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