Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Partnership

September 24, 2019



Approval of July Minutes

  • Edit: The latest Bikkle Table would consider being open is 1am
  • Catherine made motion to accept with edit and Dan second

Subcommittee Updates

  • Facade 
    • 1241 W Baltimore St – completed
    • 1515 W Baltimore St – Subcommittee will meet on Friday to discuss terms of agreement
  • W Baltimore 
    • Discussed pop ups
      • Belair Edison example of managing pop ups
      • Question around insurance while using spaces
      • Goal: create a “how-to” document

West Baltimore Street Manager

  • Context over the Catalyst grant application and present project
  • Introduction of Kito Shani as W. Baltimore Street Manager for next year to fulfill grant requirements

Project Updates

  • Littlepage’s Furniture Store 
    • Undergoing liquidation for next couple months. Should be concluded by end of year.
  • 1500 W Baltimore St
    • 1518 looking for tenants
    • 1525 W Baltimore – Tuesday, Oct 8th CHAP hearing
  • Lord Baltimore
    • Has the committee to fundraise met? Progress? – ASK MICHAEL
    • 1100 block – any other action that the Committee can take to move on demolition? Is presence in court better than letter – ASK MICHAEL

New Business

  • Elections scheduled for October Meeting
  • BDC- creating a list of shovel-ready sites in need of capital;
  • Biopark: garage on Fremont and height of new Gateway building, opposition came from Sonia Eaddy
  • Gas Station Royal Farms expansion

Old Business


  • Catherine made motion to adjourn and Nikky second
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