Kelleigh Eastman

Scott Kashnow

JR Lee

Patricia Hogan


Heather Kangas

Edith Gilliard-Canty

Jane Buccheri

Dan Rodenburg

Ashley Valis

Chuck Callahan

Nancy McCormick

Bill Marker

Abigail Breiseth

Gregg Herlong

George Kleb

Richard Parker


Michael Seipp


  • Executive Session


    • The board held an executive session



  • Welcome and Introductions


Kelleigh opened the meeting and all the guests introduced themselves.

  • Life Bridge Health 
  • Heather Kangas new chair for Housing Committee
  • Abigail Breiseth new chair of our Education Committee



  • Approval of the Minutes


Motion by Dan R. to approve the minutes from November, 2nd by Nancy. All in Favor – the motion passes. Richard and Abigail abstained



  • Census Update


  • Curtis had to leave so Elizabeth covered the update on the Census


  • Annual Meeting


  • The Annual meeting will be February 1st at 1100 Wicomico Street


  • New Staff Member


  • Phylicia is the new coordinator for community schools for SWP


  • Committee Reports


  • Housing Report
    • Diana This is her last report – Heather is new chair for Housing
      1. January meeting will be slightly different, someone else can speak to that.
      2. Kristine Ingerman spoke to them
        1. Curb appeal is vital
      3. Reached out to housing authority on behalf of the towns of the terraces. To resolve some issues 
      4. Continue to support Live Baltimore events
      5. Scott thanked Diana for her work
      6. Question: have any of the fires affected any of the houses that were going to be rehabbed – No
      7. The next housing committee meeting will be a combination meeting for four committees to work on metrics and measurements: the committees are Housing, Commercial, Preservation, and Streets
      8. The meeting will be 2nd Thursday


  • Preservation
    • Stabilization is complete for the Malachi Mills house and we have received a new grant.
      1. We received a grant for $100K to acquire the house next store as a visitor center.
  • Public Safety
    • Gates are moving along but need more permission slips signed by building owners
    • Board ups – neighborhoods identified properties that need to be boarded. Working with DPW —


  • Vibrant Walkable Streets. Has the BRNI grant again for small grants program.


  1. Executive Director Report

Michael – ED Report

    • BRNI – awards
    • $200K towards Baltimore Acquisition
    • $90K façade improv Baltimore and Market
    • $100K tenant improvement program modeled after Bon Secours – program from Richmond.
    • $100K gates
    • $55K small grants
    • Operating funds
    • $100K for Malachi Mills
    • Still waiting on CORE Funds
    • Bruce Street Arabber Stable – Architects and Engineers came out and are creating a work plan MHT reviewing it and if approved $100K will be awarded for the project.
    • Poe Homes planning grant funding – opening doors for applications – SWP can help put together 
      1. Money for the Poppleton community center is a possibility
      2. Intersection art
      3. 1015 West Baltimore Mural
      4. Matching funds for tenant improvement 
      5. Façade improvements
      6. Lord Balt marquee
      7. Hollins head house arch plans
      8. Beautification of Baltimore Street
      9. Anyone can put in for the money doesn’t have to be associations – can only be for physical improvements
      10. Deadline is January 15th
      11. Can it be cameras – probably no because it has to change the look of the neighborhoods
      12. Ashley Landscaping plan outside of James McHenry possibly – combine with other plans
      13. Who is accountable for the projects – if not going through associations – One of the issues they will judge you on is the ability to complete the project.
      14. If need assistance speak to Elizabeth before the 31st
    • Conversation around Fires vacant houses – securely board and clean properties 
    • Bring to joint housing committee to have the SWP become a landbank – that we will clean and board the properties. For vacant houses. 
    • Last two things:
      1. 2-1/2 years ago we asked the City to have properties sold to the partnership for $1 each – We received a letter today that the properties on North and South Gilmor will be sold to SWP in consideration of a check $0 made payable to the Dr. of Finance
        1. Another piece of good news for Poppleton Now and Sowebo Sports and Fitness Alliance: The Church of Nativity held 5 masses at the Church in support of the Rec Center in Poppleton. They asked their congregation to donate in support and they raised $283K in cash and $50K in pledges.
    • Ashley – update on James McHenry Rec Center – Rec and Parks has approved a donor to renovate the rec center. Waiting to get something in writing from Rec and Parks.


  1. New Business/ Old Business
    • Rec 2025 – The Strategic plan is underway accepting comments.
    • Bill…Two things
      1. Special Thanks Dr Perman/ Dr Ross – award – Executive Committee to figure it out. 
      2. Corridor committee – had a talk with Brent Flickinger – no longer him – Jeff LaNoue
    • Lou – Education Committee Pool at Vivien T – has a proposal from the Y to manage the program…We will need to figure out how to fundraise for it.
    • Bif – Did we get any feedback from Ridgelys since we set up the process – None
    • Kelleigh – we are looking for a fund development chair – is there anyone that you would like to recommend?
  2. Community Announcements
  • Life Bridge announced today, Grace Medical Center is the new name of the hospital formerly Bon Secours


  • Adjourn


Motion to Adjourn by Nancy

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