Carrie Baniszewski Scott Kashnow Roger Wood Betsy Waters


  • Lord Baltimore Stage
  • How do we build upon after

CHAP Update 

  • Next hearing July – engagement ideas

Ceremonial Street Sign – Rev King 

  • Should be installed June 16th

Housing Neighborhood History Displays – Rev King & others

  • In the meantime, can we video the family going through the tub of items
  • Community Engagement Center
  • Moving display
  • SLYC
  • Poppleton Rec Center
  • Community Schools

History of Steuart Hill i.e. legal requirements of the deed

  • Betsey thinks someone may be working on it, will look into to

1504 End Use 

  • Plan B if we don’t get Heritage Grant
  • Small Business Development Center
  • Poe Home
  • Eugene Blake Center
  • Meneken House
  • RFP

Storytelling Pigtown

  • Wide Angle Youth Media – not free
  • Old Library that’s Community Resource Center 1900 Hollins – has recording space
  • Storycorps
  • Out of the Blocks people

Activity: Website Update

Old Business

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