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Approval of November Minutes 

Motion to approve – Jane B, seconded by Kurt Sommer

Guest Speakers: 

  • Councilwoman Phylicia Porter – Proposed Legislation 22-0135R – Code Enforcement – Non-Residential Property
    • Information on Proposed Bill
    • Code Enforcement method to address derelict commercial property owners
    • Investigative Hearing today, passed out of committee, will be going to 2nd reader
    • Another hearing will be about permits
      • will be an open meeting – Councilwoman Porter will share date with Carrie to send out to the committee 
    • Carrie to invite Permit office to CDC 
    • Councilwoman is open to ammendments
    • More inspectors are needed, pay needs to go up, operations need to ramp up 
    • Investigative hearing on expedited permits by Couc
  • Paul Ruppert/ Karim Amin – Hollins Market Update 
    • Permits from City received for 7 stalls in the market, construction schedule being discussed this week
    • Discussing whether the shed will need to be closed or not during construction
      • If the shed is closed how will the Markets help the merchants not go out of business
    • Construction will take several months
    • Sprinkler system will be installed in shed and head house
    • In talks with Tim from Paul’s Place on access to healthy food – particulary if the shed has to close 
    • Head House update
      • funding gap in the proposal received 
      • looking for ways to fill the gap
    • Rason asked if Paul could provide Laura with a monthly update to share with the Committee
    • Will security guards remain at the market if it closes during construction
    • Has asked State for additional funding for the Head House

Goals/Priorities/Incentives for 2023

  • Permit expedition with Housing Committee
    • Permit taskforce
  • Business Roundtable
  • Business Highlights
  • CHAP Historic District lead in a more equitable way
  • Local lenders refusing to lend to Baltimore Street projects
  • Showcase of businesses
  • Vacant properties through tax sale
  • Business directory
  • Do something with the Retail Study


  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Meghan
    • New nail salon, 700 block Washington BLVD
    • 80,000 in safety grants
    • New murals
  • West Baltimore Street/Capital Projects Updates – Carrie
  • CPBO Updates

Chair Responsibilities

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