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Approval of October Minutes

  • Nicole Orr made a motion to approve, Laura seconded, motion carried


Introduction to SWP


  • To discuss how the community, City, and owners of Mt. Clare Junction can work together to ensure a new grocery store replaces Price Rite in a timely manner.
  • To discuss and brainstorm interventions for our residents that will not have access to food while the space is vacant.


  • Laura Dykes – Commercial Development Committee Chair
  • Elizabeth Weber – Southwest Partnership Acting Executive Director
  • Phylicia Porter – Councilwoman, District 10
  • John Bullock – Councilman, District 9
  • Raekwon Conaway – Congressman Kweisi Mfume’s Office
  • Diante Edwards – President, Citizens of Pigtown
  • Kim Lane – Executive Director, Pigtown Mainstreet
  • Carlyle Group – Owners of Mt. Clare Junction
  • Paul Ruppert – Baltimore Public Markets Corporation
  • Other City Agencies in attendance

Community Discussion: Closing of Price Rite

  • Please stay on mute if you are not speaking
  • Please raise your hand if you would like to say something
  • Please be courteous and respectful to one another

Mario: CEO of Market Fresh Gourmet, opening middle to end of March next year

Timothy: When was the announcement that they were closing? There is no signage at the store announcing their closure

Kim: Grocery stores have a very thin margin line, 1-3%, not excusing Price Rite. Owners did not do enhancements as promised, need incentives to attract new grocer. Owners of MCJ not friendly, didn’t do what they promised, need to pressure BDC to provide incentives. Paul’s Place is available to provide transportation

Kimberly Sheridian; Need to help people that don’t have transportation, is there a service that will provide low-cost or free transportation

Porter in talks with Hospital services to provide transportation or delivery, working to get letter of intent by end of the year for new grocer, expanded mobile truck operation

Xitlali – need to have community-owned food options

Bill – heard from someone that Price Rite is closing due to shoplifting and that the cops didn’t come

Anita – financial partner for Market Fresh, grocers can be profitable in our neighborhood, depending on how they are capitalized (TIFs, tax incentives, etc) creative financial structure. Our communities can support and do support profitable grocery stores 

Diante – we need to be realistic about what brand grocery chain is going to be interested in taking that space. It is not going to be Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s etc. It’s going to be the value brands like Aldi, Lidl. Green grocery store Location? Community engagement and outreach to let residents know what the food options are in the neighborhood.

Heaven Jordan – Food equity council in Prince George’s County, Pigtown resident, has a micro pantry at her home. Short term solution would be to establish micro pantries and community fridges in the area

Meghan Culbertson – Paul’s Place Ward St & Cross

180296 – 

Elaine Cook – what about Hollins Market

Karim – Hollins Market, reconstruction new stalls, trying to attract new grocer there, accepts EBT & SNAP. 800 sq foot grocer stall with fresh produce

Dom – Sacred House, holistic wellness, sells organic herbs and organic produce 4myCity works to eradicate food deserts, Lifebridge and others have money for emergency funds for short term solutions 

Sonia – ? for Market Fresh, 101 Schroeder St temporary location, are you interested in the Price Rite space? Mario – can’t answer that question at the time, here to be of assistance in the short and have conversations with stakeholders on the long-term

Scott – Farmer’s market at Carroll Park, Arrabars, how do you move on after these meeting to continue the conversation? Facebook group, working group, google group

Aaron – not a fan of incentives, we should have a list of demands not incentives

Kim Lane – privately owned shopping center, great ideas tonight but the decision lies with the owners, no matter what grocer we get in there, we have to support it. Center needs zoning changes, that is our leverage. Not the DC international Caryle group, this one is from Towson. Pigtown MS willing to co-chair working group

Nneka – need to stop the narrative of shoplifting until we see the shrinkage numbers, if the margins are so low why does Canton have three grocery stores, community owned grocery stores are a part of the solution, who is Caryly group, what other projects have they done, do they have housing projects as well

Timothy Miller – other properties available grocery stores, doesn’t have owner info on them

Diante Whitmer – 1209 Hollins St Opening convenience store, next year. delonte whitmire, 202-961-6871

Donald Quarles – need a drug store as well 

Chair Responsibilities

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