Sgt Hayward

Sgt Heyward from the Southwest District Neighborhood Collaboration Unit. 443-938-0493.

Ofc. Davis

Officer Davis from the southwestern district NCO unit. Contact #443-938-2397

Kevin Gallaher

Laura Dykes

Scott Kashnow

Howard Hughes

David McGill

Police Updates

Sgt Hayward reviewed incidents in the area including Larceny from auto, burglary, discharge firearm, domestic assault, family dispute, burglary, a shooting, commercial burglaries. Commercial burglaries appear to be a group moving around the city in a strategic way. Laura asked for an update on the shooting at James McHenry–right now don’t have any additional information. Scott asked about incidents in Franklin Square and the thefts of the Hyundais and Kias. Have distributed locks for the cars which appears to be making an impact. Discussed other strategies to reduce car thefts–including increase in foot patrols. 


Tips can be sent to 


Email Sgt Heyward for the newsletter. Have preventative tips, calendar. 


Public Safety Updates

Safe disposal of needles–there are boxes around different areas of the SW district–please use the 311 app to report needles that need to be disposed of. Let Howard and Elizabeth know that you put in the 311 and give us the number so we can follow up. MoHS is driving around for areas that are concerns for congregation.


Carjackings–always have your mobile phone handy and charged, avoid being alone with your vehicle in certain areas, pay attention to your surroundings, use alarm and call 911 if you feel a threat. Park in well lit areas, don’t be alone in your car with the car running, don’t use isolated ATMs. Elizabeth will email for a copy of the flyer.


October In Person Meeting

Committee discussed possible options for an in person meeting–package theft, pizza, broad public safety topics, offer resources and tip sheets to people, string lights, camera rebate program, distribute porch lights. SWP office would be a good location. Scott–can the police officers be there? SPARC Center to attend to talk about the needle issue.

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