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  • St Lukes (Carrie) – Secured $150K in BRNI funds last year and are beginning to spend it to remediate water. – Applied for additional funding for FY 2024 – Hope to know by our next meeting.
  • Carroll Park Rec Center (Scott) – The Rec Center in Carroll Park has been closed for probably as long as the one in Model Park. It is being rehabilitated by the SBGP and will be run by BCRP once the construction is finished.
  • 1504/ 1506 (Carrie) – We are expecting 3-4 respondents to the RFP that was released. The responses will be reviewed by a committee – Does anyone from the committee want to join Scott and Carrie on the committee? No responses.
  • 11-13 N Carlton St. (Nicole) – There is a CHAP hearing tomorrow for these properties.
  • B’more Unconference @Museum of Industry 8-3:30 Friday September 22. There will be a series of presenters. They are doing Historic Walking Tours and Historic Markers
  • Laura is interested in mapping  – Nicole recommended Story Map – It’s similar to Word Press – no coding required.
  • Scott asked about documenting/ archiving items and if anyone has had experiences with it or guidance.
    • Kimberly suggested speaking to Historical Society
    • Scott will follow up with Bill Marker – to understand what he did
    • Enoch Pratt Library – Maybe someone involved with the MD room will have guidance.
  • Elections will be in November – Carrie will be sending out attendance records to the committee – so that everyone will know whether they are eligible to vote or not.
  • Betsey – HL Mencken house is hosting an event in the garden – September 24 3-5 – $25 Admission – Kathleen______ Doylestown TileWorks 

Action items

  • Betsey to send Nicole historic marker info – Mencken house
  • Scott to follow up with Bill
  • Kimberly to check with Historical Society
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