Ofc. Torres

Laura Dykes

Brian Greenan

Roger Wood

Colleen Moore

Elizabeth Weber

Thomas Hams

JR Lee

Patty Hogan

Hazel Lewis (UMB Police)

Richard Parker

Howard Hughes

Dotie Page

Bif Browning

Police Updates

Around the Hollins Market area there has been a small uptick in crime–Ofc Torres will let the units know to give the area some special attention. 

Gunshots on the 25th on Stricker St in Mount Clare–are there any updates? (200 block of S Stricker 2am)–no injuries found/noted when police were dispatched

Increase in people driving cars on the fields in Carroll Park–will also ask for special attention and send a schedule of the sports games

Dotie–working on traffic calming at Fayette and Poppleton–wondering if she could meet with Cpl Lewis to get some information on traffic accidents at that location that UMB Police respond to


Cpl Lewis provided some background on the role of the UMB Police and her role in the Department. They patrol to Poppleton St and Pratt, but are expanding in the near future. 


RAD program–self defense program for women program starting at the CEC.


New Community Safety Works Grant


Committee discussed options: string lights, cleaning/greening, cameras, traffic calming

Committee would like to prioritize lighting, cleaning/greening for the next application round


Project Updates

Proposals for last round of safety grants due Friday


Sowebo 5K this Sunday, businesses around Hollins Market planning to do something around Halloween


Mayor’s Fall Clean Up October 22nd


JR encourages folks to rake leaves–asks if  the city provides leaf bags

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