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Vehicles for Changes

Provide cars to low income families since 1999. Currently have given away 7500 cars, also provide technical training to folks returning from being imprisoned Training encompasses the whole automotive field.


How to get connected? How to get qualified for a car: all on the website; have to be working 30 hours a week or 20 hours a week if a student, and income requirements. Have to be able to be insured and have to get a license. 


Stopped adding organizations to their official list, but will provide cars to clients from any partner organization. Don’t have direct contact with the applicant.


Anyone can refer someone they are working with. 


Try to have a reciprocal relationship with a partner organization–get car donations. 


Ideal candidates for cars–someone who’s working, should be able to cover tags and titles, underwrite a loan with a bank for $800-$1000. Want to design something that allows them to establish credit–$50 a month for 12 months. Vans are hard to come by but there are plenty of cars with manual transmission.


Currently have a waitlist–currently down to 36 days on the waitlist.


Base need on the size of the family for vehicle assignment.


Will do a warranty on repairs on the car for a period of time followed by low cost repairs. 


Training program: designed to be a next level program for automotive students who had taken classes while incarcerated, Higher level training program–have to know way around the car. Paid 4-6 months, $360 a week, get tools a car, driving test, job placement


Also have an entry level program out of Waverly location. 10 weeks of training, also a filter into advanced training program. Also run Catholic Charities automotive program (4111 Washington Blvd)


Advance program have to have high school diploma or GED, don’t need it for the entry level training program


Training program would like 18 and over. Cars age limit is 23 or 25 and older


Leadership Development Program

Workforce Roundtable is trying something new–leadership development program for Roundtable participants who want to expand their professional development opportunities, lead workforce roundtable, learn more about community development


Opportunity to take on facilitator role as well as have a small cohort working on particular skills and areas, identify aspects of work that you are interested in


Application will be sent out electronically next week are due in about 6 weeks


Workforce Committee Updates

  • October 12 Community Resource Fair 4-8pm
  • Rachel Goodrich, Career Navigator, is now SWP direct employee–use



Excel 8am-9am and 1-4pm will have a food pantry open to the community (Monday- Friday morning)

Maryland Auto Insurance Group–if you have uninsured auto debt before January 1 2018 will waive 80% if you agree to pay 20%–JOTF will provide marketing materials. Elizabeth will connect with Ashley about having the information at the resource fair. 

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