Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Partnership

June 25, 2019



ATTENDEES:Jane Buccheri, Bill Freeman, Catherine Neeley, Marissa McDonald, Lou Packett, Dan Rodenburg, Frieda Ulman, Kenneth Watson, Roger Woods, Alisa A-Simmons. Bolaj Edwin, Nikky Davis, Michael Timmons, Karmia Ryans, Eugene Balbierz, Troy Wilson



Approval of May Minutes

  • Dan made motion, second Catherine 

Subcommittee Updates

    • West Baltimore Subcommittee – Next meeting Friday, July 12 @ 6pm, location TBD
      • Catherine recapped subcommittee meeting review of goals/subgoals related to west baltimore street
        • Create pop up, Create competitive grant program 
        • Provide technical assistance to business owners to financial resources/programs
        • To review, study assess zoning code from c1 to c2 — excludes maker space, where they cannot manufacture anything
        • Evaluate code violations enforcement along baltimore st
        • Secure gap financing for tenant improvements
      • Fundraising committee: need to know activities and money needed for them—both private and public
        • How should we approach funding conversation? W baltimore is committee focus and will use next subcommittee to flesh out dollar figures and costs. 


  • What can be BRNI/CORE vs fundraising? Tony will send out commercial goals. Subcommittee meeting will be used to vet and discuss


  • Façade Subcommittee – Next meeting Wednesday, July 17 @ 7pm, location SWP Office
    • Will focus on evaluation how we are doing, what the subcommittee wants to change 

New Business

  • Southwest Palooza – Saturday, June 29th @ 1pm, Location Greater Model Park 200 N Schroeder St.
  • Kenneth met with Todd from Small Business Lending to talk about low interest loans

Old Business

  • 1 N Carey St – have submitted new plans and building new glass staircase
  • 1100 block demolition extended 6 months 
  • Hollins Market – started to work


Motion to adjourn – Dan made motion, and Catherine second

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