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Relationship Between Schools and Neighborhoods

Cynthia: it is important to know the history between the school and community, being aware of the prejudices between the schools and the community and how to balance the support


What do we want to know about  schools in the community?

-want to be able to be a sales person, demographics, scores, progress that’s being made, who the contact is, programs that are offered, needs/where community, enrollment, honest information, readily available, complete, go to person, programming community involvement , services in the school (academic and non-academic)—details, class size, want to get it easily and not have it offered suspiciously, webbing—resource people, knowing where children are in school at the time, directory, transparent communication, established way for getting information, events that can let the community support the school

-history and relationships from the community


What do we need from schools in the community?

-show respect, professional environment, support and trust, regular communication, fair communication, ownership and right to know information

-living in the neighborhood

-disconnect  between what administration, faculty, and neighbors see and want (inclusive vision for what the schools want)


Schools need from community?

-support, trust

-organized support and resources directed through a trusted partner, facilitate conversation and mutual respect and learning

-access to folks who have time and resources to get things done and have skills that they can offer, directory of what is out there that schools can offer, what can neighbors give that time/skills, being asked to do things and help

-advocacy around meaningful issues, (ie lockbox legislation)—political education etc, bond bill,

Supportive trusting relationship-informed by the history


Vivien T-CURE Program

Qunicy had meeting the Dr Robin Saunders on the CURE program and why Vivien T is not a preferred high school. They had met with VTMAA and encouraged them to apply to be a partner high school but the school didn’t. Quincy will work with VTMAA to encourage them to apply and support them. Lou will help. Major request for the high school is request for information.


Mother Mary Lange School: New Catholic School in Poppleton

Two Catholic schools are closing that the new school will replace—most of the slots will be for students who attend those two schools. There will be 120 new slots for students, not sure how they will impact the schools in the area. Archdiocese wants to figure out how to share resources at the school with the community and the other schools. Will be working with Church of the Nativity on their work in Mount Clare.


September 15th race and racism discussion at the BioPark

On the 18th or the 20th 6:30-8:30 at SWP office putting together the Education Committee Presentation for Southwest Palooza at 1138 Hollins St

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