Donnell Nance 

Susan Moriarty

Chuck Callahan

Edith Gilliard Canty

Roger Wood

Diana Geis

Laura Dykes

Thomas Hams

Paulette Carroll

Scott Kashnow

Project Updates

Work has started on the Franklin Square Comfort Station project


Sign project: trying to figure out how to get City permission to move the sign project forward. Elizabeth and Diana will connect off line. 


Alley gating continues.


Art project stalled until there is an SWP Marketing Director


Work continues on traffic calming project in Poppleton, and there is now a water main leak on W Lexington St. Franklin Square traffic calming on Fayette and Calhoun Streets will hopefully be moving this fall


Committee Chair Elections

Ms Edith nominated Donnell. Donnell accepted the nomination. Donnell was re-elected Chair.


November meeting will be the 17th at 6pm

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